What Makes A Good Squirrel

What Makes a Good Squirrel Hunting Dog?what-makes-a-good-squirrel

What makes a good squirrel dog? Whether or not your dog is able to hunt squirrels is a matter of personal choice, but there are certain things you should consider. Here are three tips on how to select a good squirrel dog. A good disposition and personality are important factors in selecting a squirrel dog. A dog with a strong sense of smell is crucial. A dog that lacks these qualities may be difficult to train.

Bird dog

You can improve your squirrel hunting skills by using a bird dog. Many hog hunters use bird dogs as breeding stock. They have a natural hunting instinct that makes them effective hunters. Breeding a bird dog into a squirrel hunting dog is a popular way to improve hunting success. But what exactly makes a bird dog a good squirrel hunter? The following article will discuss some of the differences between birds and squirrels.

West Siberian Laika

The Good West Siberian Laika squirrel hunt is one of the most enjoyable activities that you can enjoy with your family and friends. It’s an experience that will leave you spellbound, but it’s also one that’s perfectly safe. To learn more about this squirrel hunting dog breed, keep reading. Here’s a quick overview of some of its characteristics. It’s a very versatile dog that’s well adapted to life in the extreme northern climates.


If you’re looking for a dog that can hunt squirrels, a Terrier might be the perfect choice. There are some traits that a good squirrel dog should have in order to be a great squirrel hunter. The following is a list of qualities of a good squirrel dog. First and foremost, the dog should have a natural nose. A good nose helps dogs detect squirrels that live in trees and on the ground.

Adding bird dog to a mix

There are a few factors that you should consider before adding a bird dog to a squirrel mix. The percentage of the bird dog should be less than a quarter. Hounds add their own unique traits to the mix, so adding too much of the bird dog could have negative consequences. Adding too much hound could result in the squirrel dog being attracted to its scent long after it has already killed the squirrel.

Keeping calm while stalking a critter

Being able to stalk a critter is an important skill to develop as a hunter. You can start by making yourself seen and audible in a squirrel’s natural habitat. This makes the animal insecure and fearful of you. This will help you gain their attention. This is most effective when you’re battling a very wild squirrel, but it will be less effective if the critter is used to human presence.

Using a high-power air rifle

Using a high-power air rifle for squirrel hunting is a great idea if you want to take your game hunting to the next level. While the noise of a shotgun isn’t necessary for a squirrel kill, you will need an airgun with at least 10 foot-pounds of energy. Unfortunately, most big-box airguns don’t deliver enough power to cleanly take a squirrel. However, if you don’t mind spending a bit more, you can choose an air rifle with that much energy for a good price.

Using a mulberry tree

Mulberry trees are among the best things you can do to attract squirrels. These animals love the soft-mast fruits, and they are among the best food sources for late-spring squirrels. In addition to their taste, mulberries are also good for birds, who spread their seeds in their droppings. In a nutshell, these trees will help you attract squirrels within a few miles.


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