What Makes A Squirrel Stagger Like Its Drunk

Why Does a Squirrel Stutter Like It’s Drunk?

Have you ever wondered why a squirrel might stagger like it’s drunk? It might be a result of Bot flies, Fermented fruit, or trauma from tree-trimming. In this article, we’ll explore the subject further. You might also be interested in learning more about the effects of nectar on a squirrel’s behavior. After reading this article, you should feel more confident in assessing the effects of these things on a squirrel.

Bot flies

If you’re trying to kill a squirrel, you’ll have to do it yourself. Tree squirrels can become infested with bot flies, a type of flying insect. These flies are found mostly in the northern and central parts of Florida, although they are also found in southern counties. Unlike bees, tree squirrel bot flies are harmless to humans. But they can cause a squirrel to stagger if a squirrel comes into contact with their eggs.

This is caused by a parasitic fly called a bot fly, which burrows into the squirrel’s skin and breaks through. This fly does not pose a threat to humans, but it can make a squirrel scratch itself or even bite you. A squirrel will usually climb in circles in order to spot predators or reach a goal without getting hit. A squirrel will often appear with lesions and scratching around its home, especially in the summer.

Fermented fruit

Fermented fruit can make a squirrel stutter like it’s drunk. Some fruit ferments when left in the sun for too long, but this is not the only cause of this behavior. Certain fruits, such as fermented pears, are local watering holes for critters. Katy Morlok, an associate director at the Smithsonian National Zoo, left a bowl of fermented pears outside one day. After the squirrel started staggering, she turned on the beer taps and saw the result.

It’s no wonder that fermented fruit makes animals drunk: a moose in Sweden collapsed in an apple tree after eating it. And, apparently, birds also deliberately eat fermented fruit to become tipsy. Some species of birds, such as bats, are able to handle alcohol well. Sadly, few researchers have examined the effect of fermented fruit on animals.

Tree-trimming trauma

A squirrel might appear to be intoxicated when it’s injured by tree-trimming trauma, but this is more than likely an illusion. The trauma to the tree can impact the nest of a squirrel. In some cases, a mother will try to retrieve an uninjured baby, and the squirrel may not approach you until she realizes you are nearby. In other cases, a squirrel may be killed by a car or poisoned. While most cases are not fatal, an injured squirrel may exhibit signs of poisoning and head trauma, which include stumbling, listing, walking in circles, and bleeding from the mouth and nose. Regardless of the cause of the injury, it’s crucial to handle the injured squirrel with caution, as squirrels are prone to claw to avoid capture. You’ll need thick gloves to

Another sign of poisoning is a squirrel listing to one side, circling on its hindquarters, and acting dizzy. A squirrel may also be searching for its siblings. It may have been knocked out of the tree, which could have made the nest far too high off the ground. A squirrel may also be relocating its babies, in which case it may be looking for them.


Did you know that mammals can get drunk on fermented fruit? According to the Smithsonian National Zoo, fermented fruits such as crab apples and nectar can cause animals to become “stumbled” or sleepy. A squirrel scurried around a garden and consumed nectar three times the weight of its body, which is reportedly eight percent alcohol. Apparently, this behavior is a sign of a higher level of ethanol in its blood than in its urine.

In May of this year, a woman in Minnesota accidentally fed her pet a fermented pear. She only realized later that she was feeding her squirrel fermented fruit. It is a good idea to keep the amount of fermented pear in your pet’s diet down so that it doesn’t get too drunk. Nectar is highly toxic to dogs and cats, and even the smallest amounts can cause seizures or coma.

Sunflower seeds

Squirrels are known to eat sunflower seeds. However, you can use other methods to discourage them from raiding your sunflowers. Birds, especially squirrels, have a penchant for sunflower seeds, so you can place decoy plants around them to prevent them from taking the seeds. You can also place netting or plastic bags under the sunflowers, or wrap metal foil around their stalks.

In addition to sunflower seeds, you can also use other bird repellents, such as berries, daffodils, and hay. Make sure to collect sunflower seeds when the back of the flower starts to turn yellow. Store them in a warm, dry place to prevent birds from eating them. Another classic way to scare away birds is by placing a scarecrow. Other effective techniques include hanging CDs or moving items that sway in the sunlight.

What makes a squirrel stagger like its drunk?

A squirrel may stagger like its drunk if it has a disease or condition that affects its ability to walk or balance.

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