What Month Is Squirrel Season

What Month Is Squirrel Season?what-month-is-squirrel-season

You might wonder, “What month is squirrel season?” Well, you have three options: Early fall, Early spring, or Late fall. Each season has different benefits, so you should know what season squirrels are most active during before going out on a hunt. In addition to knowing the squirrel season in a specific state, you can also learn the most common habits of squirrels to make the hunt more fun. But how do you know when they’re most active?


Squirrel hunting is ideal during the fall and early winter months. During these months, squirrels move a little less, and some species may hibernate. During the spring and summer, however, squirrels are highly active, and hunting is most effective during the dawn and dusk hours. Here are some tips for success during this time of year:

During the winter months, squirrels will feed on the ground instead of trees and will be harder to see if you’re not aware of their presence. Snow cover will help you see them better, though. You can also check the wildlife department for more information. When is squirrel hunting season?? is a key question to answer in any hunting season. You can find more information about hunting squirrels by visiting the state’s wildlife department website.

Early fall

The first step to hunting squirrels is to find a suitable location. If you are surrounded by woods, try to spot squirrels in areas where they spend the most time. Oak and hickory ridges are excellent spots for this. In autumn, you can sit and listen to the squirrels, as young squirrels play and chase each other up the trees. If you are in a cornfield, position yourself in the morning before sunrise. It is still cool, and the wildlife is moving about early in the morning. You may even hear them before you see them, so you will know they are there!

Squirrels are less wary during early fall compared to later fall. During early fall, trees are still full of leaves and squirrels are less wary of humans. Also, you may be able to stalk them close to the ground without worrying about being seen or heard. The branches are dense with nuts, making them easier to detect than other animals. They often move from one location to another to find the best food.

Early spring

The early spring squirrel hunting season is similar to the fall season, with the only difference being that there is no deer hunting to contend with. The warm temperatures are tough on squirrels, so it is important to get in before daybreak and be ready for the action as it unfolds. As temperatures drop before dark, the squirrels will be on the move again. Regardless of how difficult it may be to spot them, hunting them is an exciting challenge.

While the weather is warmer and the leaves are still in the trees, early spring squirrels are active in the woods. They will be seeking out soft mast food sources, as well as berries and buds. You can spot them easily by staying near a water source and a squirrel den. The best times to shoot squirrels are in the early morning and late evening hours. Those who are experienced can also find them during the day.

Late fall

Hunters who have spent much of the year in the woods will agree that late fall is prime squirrel hunting time. The reason is simple: after the last big game season has passed, squirrels are starting to retreat from the forest and begin to sleep in the ground, making it easier for you to find them. Late fall is also prime time for bird hunting, as the birds are fewer and farther between, making it easier to spot them.

Squirrel hunting in the late fall and winter months can be challenging, but it can be rewarding if you know what to do. The season is shorter and squirrels are still active, even if they are more elusive. The trees are stripped of leaves, so they are easier to spot. And because they feed primarily on ground food, you’ll have more chances of making a kill. The following are some tips for successful late fall and winter squirrel hunting.

Early winter

While most hunters remember their father’s old shotgun and early October afternoons afield, early winter squirrel hunting can be a new experience and the perfect way to finish the big game season. The early season is best spent from high in a tree, because squirrels are often reluctant to leave the safety of the trees for weeks. Hunting for them in the evening is best done in a well-lit area, near food sources.

Hunters should sneak into the woods about 15 minutes before daybreak. Sit against a tree in an area that squirrels frequently visit. Listen to the sounds around you and wait for them to return. The first squirrel they see may be the one you shoot from a tree. When they start to stir and bark, get into position and take the shot. During this time, the best chance of a successful hunt is the first one you see.

Late spring

Getting ready for late spring squirrel season is easy – all you have to do is wait for the right moment. Squirrels will eventually screw up their hideouts, so hunkering down against a tree and letting your camera flash do its thing will inspire a move. The squirrels will not hear you walking around and will turn to get a better look. Here are some tips to help you find the best squirrels.

Get into the woods fifteen minutes before sunrise. Choose a tree or area that is known for squirrel activity. Sit and listen for the first half hour or so. If you’re lucky, you may catch your first squirrel of the day sitting in a tree near a large nut-bearing tree. If you’re not successful at the first try, you can always try again the next day. Depending on the location, you can try different spots, such as ridgelines or field edges.

When does squirrel season begin?

Squirrel season begins in August.

When does squirrel season end?

Squirrel season ends in February.

How many squirrels can you shoot per day?

You are allowed to shoot up to six squirrels per day.

What is the minimum size limit for a squirrel?

The minimum size limit for a squirrel is eight inches from nose to tail.

What is the maximum size limit for a squirrel?

There is no maximum size limit for a squirrel.

What is the bag limit for squirrels?

The bag limit for squirrels is 10 per hunter per day.

Can I shoot a squirrel with a .

22 caliber rifle?

Yes you can shoot a squirrel with a .

22 caliber rifle.

Can I shoot a squirrel with a BB gun?

No you cannot shoot a squirrel with a BB gun.

Can I shoot a squirrel with a pellet gun?

No you cannot shoot a squirrel with a pellet gun.

Do I need a hunting license to shoot a squirrel?

Yes you need a hunting license to shoot a squirrel.

Can I shoot a squirrel with a shotgun?

Yes you can shoot a squirrel with a shotgun.

What is the best time of day to shoot a squirrel?

The best time of day to shoot a squirrel is early morning or late afternoon.

Where can I shoot a squirrel?

You can shoot a squirrel on any piece of land that you have permission to hunt on.

Do I need a permit to shoot a squirrel?

No you do not need a permit to shoot a squirrel.

What is the fine for shooting a squirrel out of season?

The fine for shooting a squirrel out of season is $25.

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