What Order Does Thomas Ask For Squirrel Keys Deadly Premonition

Deadly Premonition – What Order Does Thomas Ask For Squirrel Keys? What Order Does Thomas Ask For Squirrel Keys Deadly Premonition

If you’re still a little confused about where to find the Curvy-Tailed Flying Squirrel Keys in Deadly Premonition, don’t worry! I’ve broken down the quest line for you here! You’ll find them in the middle cell on the right, behind the bed. The wall door is not available in this cell.


While at first glance the quest to ask for squirrel keys sounds like an ordinary fetch quest, the game has a clever twist. It cleverly addresses several high-level design considerations while helping the player navigate the game. Similarly, it sets a tone precedent, which aids the game’s progression. In fact, the game’s squirrel key quest has several benefits beyond being a great way to teach the player about the game’s world.

Quest line

The quest “What order does Thomas ask for squirrel keys?” is an excellent example of clever gameplay. In the beginning, the quest seems like a standard fetch quest, but it soon reveals a twist. It subtly conveys game information while establishing character relationships and aiding navigation. The plot, too, establishes a precedent for the game’s tone. Here are some tips on how to maximize your success in the quest:

Locations of items

The first murder in the game takes place in the Deadly Premonition park, which is also the location of three prime fishing locations in the game. It is also featured in the game’s opening cutscene. Health kits can also be purchased at this park. The police station also serves as the central meeting point during the investigation, and is run by George Woodman. He is often seen pumping iron in his office.

What is the name of the protagonist in Deadly Premonition?

The protagonist’s name is Francis York Morgan.

What is the name of the town in Deadly Premonition?

The name of the town is Greenvale.

What is the name of the serial killer in Deadly Premonition?

The name of the serial killer is the Raincoat Killer.

How many days does Francis have to solve the murders in Deadly Premonition?

Francis has 7 days to solve the murders.

How many victims has the Raincoat Killer claimed?

The Raincoat Killer has claimed 23 victims.

What is the name of the first victim in Deadly Premonition?

The first victim’s name is George Woodman.

What is the name of George’s daughter?

George’s daughter’s name is Emily.

Who was with George when he was murdered?

George’s daughter Emily was with him when he was murdered.

How does Francis know the Raincoat Killer?

Francis knows the Raincoat Killer because they went to high school together.

What is the Raincoat Killer’s real name?

The Raincoat Killer’s real name is Zachary Ortega.

Who is Zachary’s accomplice?

Zachary’s accomplice is his girlfriend Emily.

How does Zachary kill his victims?

Zachary kills his victims by strangling them with their own raincoats.

What is the name of Zachary and Emily’s baby?

The name of Zachary and Emily’s baby is Aileen.

Where is Aileen?

Aileen is with Zachary’s mother.

How does Francis die?

Francis dies when Zachary stabs him in the chest.

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