What Power Scope Is Best For Squirrel Hunting

What Power Scope is Best For Squirrel Hunting?

When choosing a riflescope, you may want to consider a high-end model that offers a number of features, including an in-built ballistic calculator, which measures distance, wind, and humidity. Another great feature of this model is a dual video recording camera, which streams directly to your phone or SD card. Added bonus: RAV systems allow you to record continuous video during recoil. Ultimately, this will ensure that you always get the shot you want.

Winchester 3-9×40 Plinker-22 Riflescope

The Winchester 3-9×40 Plinker 22 riflescope has exceptional magnification power. It produces brilliant images and excellent color contrast. The scope’s eye relief is 2.3 to 2.8 inches and comes with lens covers, a cleaning cloth, and scope mounts. The scope is made of high-quality aluminum and can withstand abuse without deterioration. Its lenses feature anti-reflective coatings that improve light transmission and reduce glare. Moreover, the scope’s reticle type is effective both at long and close range.

A proper rifle and scope are essential for squirrel hunting. This will eliminate the need for running through the forest or climbing mountains to reach your target. Choosing a scope for the squirrel hunt requires a lot of consideration. Consider the following factors to select the right one. Remember that the best riflescope will not be the cheapest. The more power and optics a riflescope has, the better.

Vortex Crossfire II

The Vortex Crossfire II is a compact, lightweight scope. Its power range is 2 to 7x, which is ideal for shooting squirrels up to 50 yards. The reticle is simple and works with any caliber. It has an easy-to-read reticle with holdover distances that are indicated by the Burris Ballistics Reticle Analysis Tool. The crosshairs are in the second focal plane and are very thick for hitting squirrels at 800 yards. The crosshairs are non-illuminated and wire.

The Vortex Crossfire II is made from single-piece aircraft-grade aluminum. It is very sturdy, thanks to its hard ArmorTrek coating and positive zero reset turrets. It also offers excellent clarity. In our testing, we used the Vortex Crossfire II on a Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 rifle and shot 1/2-inch groups at 50 yards.

Bushnell Prime 3-12

There are many benefits of a high-quality riflescope. You can choose the Bushnell Prime 3-12 power scope, which has a three-to-12 power range. It is compatible with most types of rifles, including shotguns, muzzleloaders, and the 450 Bushmaster. You can also choose a fixed-power model, which is simpler to use but provides greater durability.

While a high-powered riflescope is the most commonly used for hunting grouse, you can also use a lower-priced model. These riflescopes often feature fixed-magnification ranges of two to five powers. Bushnell Prime 3-12 power scopes are a great option if you want to take on squirrels. Alternatively, a lower-priced option is the 6.5-to-12-power Bushnell Prime 3-12 power scope.

This model comes with eleven brightness settings and a mil dot reticle on all four arms. There is also a turret for elevation adjustment and parallax adjustment. It has a field-of-view (FOV) of nine to thirty-six feet at 100 yards. Finally, it’s water-resistant. All of these features make the Bushnell Prime 3-12 power scope the best option for squirrel hunting.

Bushnell Engage

If you’re thinking about buying a new power scope for your rimfire rifle, you might want to consider the Bushnell Engage. This mid-range model from Bushnell features a large illuminated dot in the center of the crosshair, a Multi-X reticle, and side focus. The EXO barrier is a special coating that repels dust, oil, and water. It also has a large eyepiece for quick and easy focus, and is built on a larger 30mm tube, so you’ll need to purchase a set of scope rings that fit.

This high-powered riflescope also features a wide field of view and a three to nine-millimeter objective lens. Its 1-inch main tube and 40mm objective lens are made of durable, water and fog-proof materials. It is also rated for ice and dust-repellent use. It weighs just over 13 ounces and has a lifetime warranty. You can find this power scope in many different colors, depending on your budget and your shooting style.

What is the best power scope for squirrel hunting?

Answer 1: The best power scope for squirrel hunting is one with a magnification of at least 4x.

Why is a high magnification important for squirrel hunting?

Answer 2: A high magnification is important for squirrel hunting because it allows you to see your target more clearly making it easier to take an accurate shot.

What other features should you look for in a power scope for squirrel hunting?

Answer 3: In addition to a high magnification you should also look for a power scope with a wide field of view and a reticle that is fine and easy to see.

What is the best type of scope for squirrel hunting?

Answer 4: The best type of scope for squirrel hunting is one that is small lightweight and easy to maneuver.

What are the benefits of using a small lightweight scope for squirrel hunting?

Answer 5: The benefits of using a small lightweight scope for squirrel hunting include being able to take your scope with you easily and being able to take more accurate shots.

What is the best time of day to go squirrel hunting?

Answer 6: The best time of day to go squirrel hunting is early in the morning or late in the evening when the light is low and the squirrels are most active.

What is the best way to find squirrels?

Answer 7: The best way to find squirrels is to look for their droppings tracks and nests.

What type of terrain is best for squirrel hunting?

Answer 8: The best type of terrain for squirrel hunting is open and brushy with plenty of trees for the squirrels to hide in.

What is the best way to approach squirrels?

Answer 9: The best way to approach squirrels is to be as quiet as possible and to move slowly so as not to startle them.

What is the best way to camouflage yourself when squirrel hunting?

Answer 10: The best way to camouflage yourself when squirrel hunting is to wear clothing that matches the colors of the terrain and to use a face mask or paint to cover your skin.

What is the best way to set up your rifle when squirrel hunting?

Answer 11: The best way to set up your rifle when squirrel hunting is to use a rest such as a bipod or tripod to steady your shot.

What is the best way to take a shot at a squirrel?

Answer 12: The best way to take a shot at a squirrel is to aim for the head or body depending on the distance and to take your shot when the squirrel is still.

What should you do if you miss your shot at a squirrel?

Answer 13: If you miss your shot at a squirrel you should wait a few minutes before taking another shot so as not to startle the squirrel and make it more difficult to take a second shot.

What should you do if you wound a squirrel?

Answer 14: If you wound a squirrel you should track it down as quickly as possible and dispatch it humanely.

What are the legal requirements for squirrel hunting?

Answer 15: The legal requirements for squirrel hunting vary from state to state but generally you will need a hunting license and a game tag.

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