What Season Is Squirrel Hunting

What Season Is Squirrel Hunting Best? what season is squirrel hunting

Among the many questions you might have is what season is squirrel hunting best. While there are certain advantages to hunting in each season, we’ll discuss the main differences in the seasons and the best methods for each. Depending on where you live, you may want to hunt during fall, summer, winter, or spring. If you plan to hunt during one of those seasons, be sure to research regulations in your state. The best times for squirrel hunting vary depending on the season and the fall of deciduous trees.

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The Ohio fall squirrel hunting season opens on Sept. 1. The season is open on all lands in counties that allow fox squirrel hunting during the fall. The following WMAs have open seasons during the fall:

Squirrels can be easily spotted in their habitat using several strategies. First, you should look for their droppings, also known as cuttings. These are pieces of shell left behind by squirrels. The more cuttings you find, the greater the density. For instance, early season is associated with hickory trees while late season is associated with acorns and beechnuts. During the fall, squirrels are usually found close to trees that offer shelter from the elements.

While gray squirrels are harvested statewide, there are many WMAs that allow red squirrels to be hunted. Some of these areas include the Fairystone State Park, Philpott Reservoir, Hidden Valley, Highland, and Hog Island WMAs. Other areas to look for squirrels include Little North Mountain, Mattaponi Bluffs, and Merrimac Farm. In addition, some states allow hunting on private property, but you’ll need the owner’s permission first.


Summer is squirrel hunting season and it can be fun! But, if you want to have the best success, you need to know how to make the most of the season. Here are a few tips. First, be patient. Don’t go hunting before dawn. Squirrels often spend a long time caching and retrieving nuts. If you see a squirrel during early morning, get in position 15 minutes before it starts to stir. Spend the first half-hour listening. Afterward, shoot it into the same tree.

Second, you can also hunt squirrels during the day. During warm weather, you should go out early in the morning. You’ll be able to find them hiding in shady spots or with their tails over their backs. Bring along a cooler so you can cool down the meat quickly. Cleaning a squirrel doesn’t take too much time, but be sure to bring a cooler with you. You don’t want to eat it before it’s cool.


If you love big game, then you know that winter is squirrel hunting season. You might remember those early October days spent afield with dad’s old shotgun. This kind of hunting is fun, but it is not the most common game. You must be patient and know where to spot a squirrel. Remember that squirrels use their surroundings as protection. So, wait for a slight drizzle. Once you spot a squirrel, it is likely to be near the base of the tree, so you must be patient.

The winter months can be challenging for squirrel hunters. Earlier in the season, they are less wary and easier to shoot. Tree branches and leafy vegetation block their view, allowing you to get closer. But as winter draws to a close, you’ll have to work harder. This is because their numbers have decreased due to hunters and the cold weather. In addition, squirrels spend less time active and less visible during winter months.


Hunting for squirrels in the spring is possible in many parts of the country. They are attracted to areas with lots of mast and acorn caches. These squirrels are not as active as they are in the fall and will spend the entire day munching on bushes, leafless trees and buds. Hunting in the spring is also a good opportunity to try a squirrel call. There are several squirrel calls on the market that mimic various squirrel vocalizations. Using these calls may be the key to locating a squirrel.

Squirrels tend to spread out over 10 acres in the spring to search for food. During breeding season, their home area can stretch up to forty acres. They are solitary animals, but they are also highly social. They will occupy the highest limber branches in trees in order to avoid being eaten by other squirrels. When it comes to hunting in the spring, there are several strategies you can use to ensure success.

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