What Size Shot For Squirrel 20 Gauge

What Size Shot For Squirrel Hunting?

You might be wondering what size shot to use for your squirrel hunting. The answer is.410, but this is the bore, not the gauge. This shot is smaller than a.410, so it will not hit livestock or people. However, you should make sure to use the correct shot size for your specific target. This article will give you some tips and pointers on selecting the proper shot size for your particular gun.

.410 is a bore and not a gauge

Despite its name,.410 is not a gauge but a bore, which means you can use it to shoot squirrels with precision. Squirrels know the difference between a deer hunter and a squirrel hunter, and once you’ve put them on your hit list, they’ll become your toughest targets in the woods. However, if you’re really determined to get the squirrel on your hit list, a.410 may be the right choice for you.

The “maximum”.410 load carries eleven sixteenth ounces of #4, #6, or #7 1/2 shot. For example, a three inch “maximum” 410 load contains 241 pellets of #7 1/2 shot, 155 pellets of #6, and 93 pellets of #4 shot. Larger shot sizes, on the other hand, produce thin patterns and often wound the game.

In addition to the two largest cartridges, you should also consider the size of the shot. Compared to.410, a 20-gauge load will be much less expensive and easier to manage. And because the 20-gauge shell is more powerful, you’ll be able to hit moving targets more easily, even if they’re far away. However, be aware of the added weight and recoil of larger gauge shots.

Luckily, a number of manufacturers have jumped on the.410 bandwagon and now sell similar products. Hornady’s.410 Triple Defense, for example, fires two.35-caliber lead balls behind a.41-caliber FTX slug. Meanwhile, Winchester’s PDX1.410 Defender shoots sixteen plated BBs.

Despite the fact that.410 is a bore, it is not a gauge for squirrel shot. The smaller bore size indicates more weight in the barrel, while the larger gauge size is more likely to kill squirrels. For these reasons, a.410 is a bore and not a gauge for squirrel shot. You can find a large variety of shotguns, ranging from semiautomatics to fully automatic assault rifles.

A.410 is a bore and not a gauge for squirrel shot. Its diameter is equal to one ounce of lead. Consequently, the.410 is not a gauge for squirrel shot. In addition, the tenite stock of the Stevens Model 24 makes it the perfect choice for a rifle. Its tenite stock makes it easy to store, and a tenite stock means that the rifle is very stable and durable.

One common mistake people make when using a.410 shotgun for squirrel shot is that they think it is a 12-gauge shotgun. They’re wrong. It has too little punch for ducks and squirrels. So they’re wrong. A 20-gauge shotgun is an effective choice. If you’re looking for a squirrel shotgun, a.410 is a bore and not a gauge.

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