What Time Of The Year Is The Best Year To Hunt Squirrel

What Time of Year is the Best Year to Hunt Squirrels?

There are many benefits of hunting squirrels in winter and fall, and this article will discuss some of those benefits. Winter is known for its cold temperatures, so a slow and steady approach will provide you with more opportunities to shoot the squirrels. Spring is a time when the ground temperature is still pleasantly mild, and many squirrels are active. However, if you’d prefer to hunt in the spring and fall, you should be prepared to endure some mild temperatures and high humidity.

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One of the greatest joys of winter hunting is the abundance of squirrels in the wild. These rodents are plentiful everywhere. The average hunter has fond memories of early October days afield with his old shotgun. Hunting squirrels is a great way to wind down from the hectic big game hunting season. While most squirrels have disappeared, some are still visible on the landscape. Usually, the least wary and most naive squirrels have already been claimed by hunters.

A great place to hunt a squirrel is a wooded area with a wide variety of trees, including those that produce hard mast and soft mast. Search the ground for any branches or cuttings of trees that are especially attractive to squirrels. Look for tree limbs with stripped bark. Females use this bark to line their nests. If you can get into their den, you can hunt them with the help of a lighted trap.


While the winter months may be a great time to hunt for these animals, spring is actually the best time to go hunting for them. The reason for this is that squirrels are less active in the spring and are looking for acorns and mast caches. They are also less active than in the fall, so you’ll have to work much harder to find three squirrels. There are many prime spots in the country where you can hunt for squirrels. Consider the Richard K. Yancey Wildlife Management Area and the Dewey Wills WMA for hunting.

While spring is a great time to hunt squirrels, it can be challenging as the temperatures can get quite warm. Because of this, it’s recommended to hunt in the early morning and choose an area where you’ll not be as hot. Look for the animals at eye level and down on the ground to find them. These animals will be looking for seeds, buds, and insects. You can then use your skills to take a good shot.


While hunting for squirrels can be fun, the right weather can make hunting more difficult. Light rain can increase the activity of squirrels, making them more visible. In addition, they will jump from branch to branch and make a distinct shaking noise when they are on the move. Wet leaves are also less crunchy underfoot than dry ones, making them easier to track. Avoid hunting when trees are covered with ice or if dense fog is descending. Wait until the ice melts or the fog burns off before attempting to stalk the squirrel.

The best time to hunt squirrels is during the morning and early evening when temperatures are mild and the sun is out. However, you may encounter them on other days of the year, when they are less active. This is especially true if you happen to hunt during the winter months. Squirrels prefer to stay inside their burrows during those times, and will instead seek shelter in the chilly weather.


If you want to take the hunt to a new level, try hunting squirrels in the fall. They are active throughout the day, ranging from low branches to the ground, searching for food, and even napping in treetops. The fall is also the perfect time to observe the full moon, when large animals are at their most active. This is a great time to hunt a squirrel and enjoy the scenery while you’re out and about.

To hunt a squirrel, choose a location in the fall with mature, old-growth hardwood forests with sparse undergrowth. A great spot for hunting is where the trees are large enough to allow you to see the foraging squirrels from a distance. Take your time and ease into the woods, waiting for the perfect time to make a charge. You’ll never regret the patience required to stalk a squirrel.

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