hat to Bait a Squirrel Trap Withwhat to bait a squirrel trap with

What to bait a squirrel trap with depends on the species of the animal you are trying to catch. Here are some ideas: Peanut butter, Bird seed, or Nuts. This combination of foods will entice the animal into stepping into the trap. You can also place a few pieces of bread or other food in the trap, as the animal may be attracted to these foods. But don’t forget to use a trap designed for squirrels only.


If you are looking for a convenient and effective way to get rid of squirrels from your yard, you should use nuts as bait. Squirrels will prefer nuts that people provide or those that are naturally available in the wild. To make bait easier to apply to your trap, you can use peanut butter. You can also use unsalted sunflower seeds. Once you have the nuts fixed on your trap, you can set them to attract squirrels.

Peanut butter

If you are looking for a cheap and effective squirrel trap bait, peanut butter is the best choice. You can purchase this food at your local grocery store for less than $5. When you bait your trap, you should place peanut butter on a pressure plate. This will attract the squirrel to the trap, and it will be less likely to slip off the trigger mechanism. Other baits you can use are nuts and seeds. Squirrels are notorious for stealing birdseed and other fruits from gardeners, so using peanut butter as bait is highly effective.

Bird seed

A good bait for a squirrel trap is bird seed, but not all seeds will attract squirrels. You may want to consider peanut butter or jam instead. These two substances are sticky and easily accessible to squirrels. Place some seeds or nuts inside the trap and leave the rest outside. Squirrels often steal birdseed and fruit from gardens and are likely to go for these items first. It can be difficult to trap a squirrel if you place it far from where it lives, but birdseed can serve as a perfect bait.

Bird seed attracts squirrels

If you’re having trouble attracting squirrels to your backyard bird feeder, consider changing the type of bird seed you put out. Squirrels love suet, nuts, and black oil sunflower seeds. Luckily, they won’t leave much behind! Just make sure you clean up any spills, because squirrels will continue to come and feed on your seed. If you use the wrong bird seed, you might end up having a squirrel infestation in no time.

Poisonous bait

You can use a squirrel trap with a poisonous bait if you have a problem with squirrels. This poison is a combination of diphacinone and chlorophacinone, which are both toxic to squirrels. You need to prepare the bait by spreading rolled oats across the area of the trap where the squirrels are known to feed. Next, mix the poison with the grains and place them in areas where squirrels are known to feed on safe grains. To kill a squirrel, you need to put about two tablespoons of poison in each location.

Visual deterrents

Using visual deterrents to bait a squirreltrap is a smart idea, but it’s only as effective as the trap itself. Squirrels are persistent, and they’ll quickly get used to these deterrents. Once established, squirrels will often return to the same locations despite these deterrents. To be sure, set the trap several days before you plan to release it.


A common way to catch a squirrel is to bait it with chum. This bait is free and squirrels love it. You can place it near an entry point or along their path of travel. Make sure that you place the trap near areas where the squirrels feed. The best time to set a squirrel trap is at night when they are most active and less likely to get into the trap. When setting the trap, you should wear heavy gloves and keep your fingers away from the cage body.

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