what to feed bottle fed squirrel

What to Feed a Bottle Fed Squirrelwhat to feed bottle fed squirrel

You probably don’t know what to feed a bottle fed squirrel. There are many different options available, including fruits and seeds, Pedialyte, and Esbilac powder. It can be difficult to know what to feed your squirrel without a guide, but there are some things that you can give it to keep them healthy. Keep reading to learn more about the best options for your squirrel! You’ll be surprised at how many foods squirrels love.

Esbilac powder

It is easy to mix up an Esbilac powder to feed bottle fed rodents, which you can purchase at a store or online. You can either mix it with water or use real whipping cream, or you can purchase a half pint carton in the dairy case. If your squirrel is flying, you will need to purchase special feeders for it. Standard gray squirrel nipples are too large. You can contact your veterinarian for a flyer feeder.

You can use this powder to feed a squirrel that is two weeks old. For squirrels that are five weeks old or older, it is recommended to mix it with Ultraboost. Be sure to mix the formula without air pockets, and give it slowly. You can mix it with water to make it more palatable for your squirrel. The first feeding should be diluted. You can also try giving a small amount to your bottle fed squirrel at a time.


If you have a squirrel that’s being bottle fed, you should give it Pedialyte to drink. It is highly soluble in water, and will help rehydrate your baby squirrel. You should give it a small amount every 15 minutes for two hours. Be careful not to heat it up, and you can store it in the refrigerator for 72 hours. After that, dispose of it. If you don’t give your squirrel Pedialyte, you can mix it yourself with water and sweetener.

If your squirrel is consuming an inappropriate amount of liquid, it will experience diarrhea and dehydration. Be sure to give it water or rehydration formula specifically formulated for infants. Never feed your squirrel cold water, or any other form of liquid that will cause diarrhea. Always raise the squirrel’s temperature with water, Pedialyte, or Gatorade. Warm it up so that it is the right temperature for them.


There are several things to consider when feeding your bottle-fed squirrel. First of all, be sure that you don’t overfeed. Most babies start by licking and gradually progress to sucking milk, but this doesn’t mean that your squirrel will only eat a few bites. It will eat a lot, so don’t overfeed it! It should be kept in an upright position and be placed in a warm area to prevent it from overeating.

If you cannot find fruits in the US, try using dried cranberry, raisin, or currant. If you’re lucky enough to find a fresh fig, they’re best bought in the fresh produce section of health food stores. Fresh kiwi is also good, but make sure you peel and taste it first. Don’t feed your squirrel with junk food, such as cookies, cake, crackers, or chocolate. You’ll want to avoid cereal and other food items containing artificial sweeteners like aspartame and Nutra-sweet.


There are several things to keep in mind when feeding your bottle fed squirrel. Firstly, it must have a full stomach. Squirrels do not like to have a tense belly, which is a sign that the food is not fresh. A good guideline for feeding is to feed your squirrel 5% of its body weight. To find the correct amount, use a small scale with a gram measurement. If your squirrel weighs 100 grams, feed it five milliliters. Do not feed them too much; your squirrel should not have diarrhea.

A baby squirrel is not a good pet because it does not have the ability to walk, hunt, and gather food on its own. A stuffed sock may work well or you can use a soft towel. Always avoid touching the squirrel once it is a baby. It has most likely been left alone for a while, so do not approach it directly. Afterward, warm up a small sock in the microwave and wrap it around the squirrel’s body. It may even try to climb up your legs to get to your food.


There are two ways to feed your squirrel: formula and hydrating solution. If you have a bottle-fed squirrel, the best way to feed him is via a syringe. Use a syringe with a small nipple, such as the Miracle Nipple. Make sure to use the smallest syringe to avoid aspirating the baby. The best formula to feed a bottle-fed squirrel is Esbilac. It is the only formula available at most pet stores and places like Chris’s Squirels and More, but you must purchase it immediately after you purchase it.

To determine the appropriate feeding amount, you can refer to Chris’s Squirrels & More’s article “How to Choose the Correct Formula to Feed Your Bottle-Fed Squirrel”. For example, a 100-gram squirrel would receive 5 ml of formula. Make sure to measure the food and carry it in a syringe so you can accurately calculate the amount of formula.

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