what to serve with pink squirrel

What to Serve With Pink Squirrel what to serve with pink squirrel

Have you ever wondered what to serve with pink squirrel? This article will tell you what to serve with the pink squirrel cocktail. This cocktail is a delicious blend of ice cream and alcohol. The recipe can be found at Tastessence. The next time you serve a pink squirrel cocktail, try a different flavor, such as Amaretto. It is sure to impress! Also, try it with whipped cream.

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You might be surprised to know that Amaretto with pink squirrel cocktail was invented by American bartender John McLoughlin. While this cocktail is a riff on the classic French aperitif, it isn’t one of his more famous concoctions. He primarily uses creme de noyaux, a dark chocolate syrup, and a dash of amaretto. If you love the classic taste of the drink, but have never tried it, consider making your own version.

The cocktail was reportedly invented in the 1940s in a Milwaukee bar, Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge. The drink has since been reincarnated in many variations. Its name is derived from the creme de noyaux ingredient, which is reddish and might even contain apricot pits. The liqueur gives this drink a pink tint, but it is not a must. Many recipes substitute grenadine for the creme de noyaux, but this would be unauthentic. It lacks the almond flavor of the original.


A common misconception is that grenadine must be served with pink squirrel. In reality, grenadine is completely different than pink squirrel, and is often used as a substitute for this drink. Its pomegranate/flower water flavor has nothing to do with the bitter almond/marzipan of noyaux. However, if you are making pink squirrel as a special occasion drink, you can use grenadine instead.

In order to create the pink drink, you’ll need one bottle of grenadine, a glass of water, and one scoop of creme de noyaux. Mix these three ingredients in a cocktail shaker and add enough grenadine to give it a light pink color. For the adult version, add some cherries or rose petals for decoration. Once you’ve gotten the hang of this drink, you’ll be able to make it with all sorts of ingredients.


The Pink Squirrel is a delicious cocktail created by the Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is a popular drink in Milwaukee’s supper clubs. The cocktail contains almond liqueur and chocolate liqueur, blended with ice, and served in a white wine glass. If you want to make it at home, add some nutmeg to the cocktail and serve it with a nutshell shaped spoon.

A 750 ml bottle of creme de noyaux costs $15 to $20, which is not too expensive if you know how to mix it. This sweet, boozy beverage is often used in cocktails, such as the Pink Squirrel and Old Etonian. You may want to use apricot kernel liqueur for a more authentic flavor. If you want to get fancy, try grating a few cloves of nutmeg over a small ice cube.

Whipped cream

Whipped cream is often served with this pink cocktail. While the classic version of this drink calls for ice cream, modern versions use heavy cream, creme de cacao, or even creme de noyaux. Whipped cream, chocolate shavings, cherries, or nutmeg can be added to a drink for a special twist. There are many other ways to serve pink squirrel. To make the cocktail even more decadent, try adding a cherry on top.

While there are countless variations of the pink squirrel, a classic version includes whipped cream. The pink squirrel cocktail is a classic fifties treat that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day. In the 1950s, the United States was infatuated with blended drinks. The availability of cheap ice made this possible, and most households had blenders. The pink squirrel is a cocktail that hails from Wisconsin. It was created by John Dye, who owned a cocktail lounge in Milwaukee.

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