What Would Kill A Squirrel?

What Would Kill a Squirrel?what would kill a squirrel

If you have a squirrel problem, the first step to get rid of the animal is to get rid of any food sources that the animal uses to feed itself. Often, squirrels store their food in containers or insulation backing near their nests. They also store food in cavities, holes, and alcoves that they use as hiding spots. Once you remove the food source, the animal will be gone. However, if the squirrel is very persistent, you might need to call in a professional pest control service.

Just One Bite

Various poisons have been developed to kill rodents. These products are effective at killing a squirrel in a single bite, though they can be deadly for the rodent. Some of these products are odorless and harmless, while others are toxic and should be avoided near water. These products are also dangerous to domestic animals, so you should never leave them unattended. If you want to kill a squirrel, you can use a poison bait that is designed to mimic the taste of a tasty snack.

Another option is to use a lethal snap trap. A squirrel can be killed in this manner, but you have to be careful and practice good aim. It is possible to miss, which could result in a painful death. It is important to follow all local regulations before attempting to capture a squirrel. A failure to comply with these laws could lead to fines and possible criminal prosecution. Just One Bite would kill a squirrel


If you’ve ever thought about putting strychnine on your ground squirrel trap, you may be wondering what the risks are. It turns out that using strychnine on a ground squirrel would kill off other animals as well. Some of the non-target animals include burrowing owls, hawks, coyotes, foxes, and endangered species. But are those risks worth it? Let’s take a closer look.

First, strychnine poisoning is not an uncommon occurrence. The poison causes long-lasting, agonizing muscle contractions that can last between one and twenty-four hours. The animals may experience difficulty breathing, exhaustion, or suffocation during the seizures. Many human organizations consider strychnine poisoning to be inhumane. That said, it is not impossible to find strychnine on a squirrel.


You’ve probably heard that antifreeze would kill a squirrel, but did you know that antifreeze is lethal to animals? While you might be wondering whether it’s ethical to use it on your pet, think about the dangers. Not only does antifreeze poison migratory birds, and sometimes even endangered species, but it is also illegal in some areas. Worse, your commie-loving journalist might post your trap on social media and fire you as he deems you have a lack of morals!

It’s not safe for animals to drink antifreeze, because it damages their liver and kidneys. The liquid, ethylene glycol, turns into glycolate and oxalate, causing a pH imbalance. This can be fatal to a squirrel, and the length of time it takes will depend on the amount of antifreeze the animal consumes. Rather than using antifreeze to kill a squirrel, you’d be better off purchasing a poison and disposing it in a humane manner.


For almost a year now, the Stanford University has been killing ground squirrels. The squirrels are given a diet of laced anticoagulants that kill them over a few days. This program has upset many campus bird watchers, who recall the recent poisoning of owls. But while the anticoagulant does kill ground squirrels, it is unlikely to harm the birds and other predators that live in the area.

Rat poison is another method of killing squirrels. However, this method is often cruel, because the animals do not eat the poison and die a painful, agonizing death. Even if squirrels are not poisoned, they rarely eat it. Furthermore, rat poison can remain in the house, causing a bad smell. Using anticoagulants is a better option, since it works over several days, allowing the rodent to leave their territory before suffering from hypovolemic circulatory shock and severe anemia.

Using a firearm to kill a squirrel

While you may not think of using a firearm to kill a squirrel, this method does have its risks. In addition to injuring the animal, using a firearm can also result in a fine. In some states, however, killing a squirrel is considered legal. To avoid violating local or state law, research the regulations in your area. There may be no firearms laws in your state, but you may need to purchase a special license.

A gunshot to the head will usually kill a squirrel instantly, but it’s better to wait and listen than to take a snap shot. Also, keep the gun muzzle and chamber clean. After you’ve found the animal, mark its location. If possible, wait a few minutes after you kill the animal. It will allow you to aim for it accurately and reduce the chances of a missed shot.

Using a solid-sided trap

If you have a problem with a squirrel in your home, catching it and killing it is easy – as long as you know how to use a solid-sided trap correctly. First, be sure to empty the trap of the dead animal. Make sure to disinfect the trap and dispose of it properly, and keep it clean for reuse. Squirrels can be dangerous and can injure you if they bite you. Always wear gloves when handling the trap and release it outdoors. If you release a captured squirrel, you can be sure to disinfect it, and you can also try relocating it if local laws permit.

One of the advantages of using a solid-sided trap to kill rat squirrels is that it can be used by people of all levels. A solid-sided trap is usually a steel cage with a door on one side, with bait placed inside. The trap then closes when the animal gets inside. While this method is less efficient than the more traditional humane method, the humane way is the most humane and effective way to kill a squirrel.

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