what you doing up there deer hunting squirrel

Deer Hunting – What Are You Doing Up There? what you doing up there deer hunting squirrel

You’ve read about getting a squirrel hunting license, set ups, camouflage clothing, and precautions. But what are you doing up there? How can you avoid being killed in the process? Here are a few ideas. First, don’t let squirrels scare you away. They’re everywhere. They’re just a few minutes away from presenting you with another shot.

Getting a squirrel hunting permit

If you want to get into hunting for small game, you may want to learn about getting a squirrel hunting permit. Gray squirrels and red squirrels are both considered game animals in Texas. They are skittish and agile, so being stealthy and patient is key. While many people enjoy stalking and hunting squirrels in a still position, some like to employ the services of a tracking dog. Both are legal on both private and public land. In both instances, shotguns are preferred.

Set ups

One of the most common deer hunting set ups is a squirrel trap, but many hunters don’t bother. While squirrels aren’t as threatening as deer, they are easy to miss. And they’re difficult to spot in trees, so many hunters leave their traps at home. Here are a few things to keep in mind when setting up your trap for squirrel hunting. Thermacell is a great way to keep insects away early in the season.

Camouflage clothing

Using camouflage clothing is a smart way to stay hidden while hunting squirrels. Most hunters use camo clothing for about 30 days a year. However, it can be hard to get out into the woods, especially if you have a full-time job and children. If you want to avoid being seen by a squirrel, you can wear Realtree(r) camouflage clothing.

Precautions to avoid deer hunting squirrels

If you plan on hunting squirrels, you should make sure to follow some precautions in order to keep yourself safe. These little creatures are easy to spot in the wild. The first step in avoiding squirrel attacks is to learn how to spot them. Squirrels can hide in thick underbrush, so it is important to know how to spot them. There are some simple ways to find them, too.

Time of year to go squirrel hunting

Early fall is a great time to go squirrel hunting. The trees will be covered in leaves, making it easy to spot them, and you’ll need your ears and eyes to spot them. Although there’s a liberal bag limit, spring squirrel hunting is still an ideal time to fill your freezer with tree rats. This hunting season is also ideal for beginners, since squirrels are generally more wary and less active. But don’t let that put you off!

Criteria for obtaining a permit

Before you can go out and begin your squirrel hunt, you’ll need to get a permit. This will depend on where you plan to hunt and when you want to go. In most cases, you can only hunt on public ground or on state-owned property. You may have to ask for permission if you want to hunt on private land, however. Squirrels are tree-dwelling animals that prefer hardwood trees.

Taking a shot at a squirrel

Aiming at the squirrel’s head when deer hunting is essential for a successful kill. A good shot will kill the squirrel in one shot, preserving the meat as well. Remember, however, that the squirrels are not docile creatures and may escape. Therefore, it is crucial to avoid hitting the animal in the other parts of the body as this may allow it time to run away.

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