when a squirrel takes your donut

What Happens When a Squirrel Takes Your Donut?when a squirrel takes your donut

The first time you see a squirrel stealing a donut, you’re probably a little surprised. Norma and Belly are two adorable Alaskan squirrels that love to eat nuts and bark all day. They’d like to share your donut! Watch the video below to find out how to get your donut back. The funny video has already been viewed over 142,000 times! The caption of the video is “Police Officer, he stole a perfectly good donut from me!”

How to tell a squirrel to take your donut

In a recent video, a police officer in Anchorage, Alaska caught a squirrel on camera taking a donut from a passerby. The video has since gone viral and has already been watched over 272,000 times. The police are still on the lookout for the squirrel. Despite the squirrel’s small size, he certainly has an attitude, and his actions were clearly spooky.

Luckily, the squirrels are not all mean-spirited and will gladly take your donut if you give them the chance. They’ll appreciate the sweetness of the treat and may even try to trade chestnuts for it. Nevertheless, the rat isn’t so easy to trick, and eventually enlists the help of Gramps, the bespectacled squirrel, and Little Bee, a gray squirrel with the profile of a letter B. The three animals must face their own obstacles – Belly’s small stature, an overly enthusiastic donut maker, and a fear of being discovered by the donut maker.

The story begins when two squirrels discover a donut food truck. They want to buy donuts with chestnuts in them. They must first break into the truck. When they reach the donut cart, the squirrels add chestnuts to their donuts, causing the donut maker to malfunction. The donut truck is unable to produce a donut unless the squirrels sneak inside and add the nuts themselves.

Animals that eat nuts and bark all day

This is what happens when a squirrel steals your donut from a police officer. A video posted by the Anchorage Police Department shows a squirrel sneaking off with a donut from a police officer. The police department called the squirrel’s actions ‘rude’ and a felony. The video has received over 120,000 views on Facebook. But what if the squirrel were a thief?

Whether you are a nerdy hipster or a nerd, this comic is for you. If you’re a donut lover, you’ll love this funny graphic novel. The donut caper is hilarious and focuses on the power of teamwork and problem-solving. It will make you laugh out loud, while teaching you a valuable lesson in working together. And it won’t cost you a dime.

When a squirrel takes your donut, what should you do? It’s always nice to have a donut on a sunny day, but don’t try to be snobby and frightened if a squirrel steals your donut. Just keep your cool and keep your wits about you. You may just be the victim of a squirrel’s greedy nature.

Norma and Belly would like a donut

When a donut maker runs out of donuts, two adorable squirrels, Belly and Norma, decide to trade chestnuts for some of their own. The two bumbling squirrels are soon sprayed with water and are forced to seek help from Gramps, a bespectacled squirrel, and Little Bee, a black squirrel with a profile like the letter B. But they have to overcome their small stature, the overzealous donut maker, and a possible discovery by the donut machine.

The two best friends are determined to keep the donut business going, and they are determined to get it right. They’re even ready to hire a donut-delivering squirrel to do the job. Their entrepreneurial spirit and determination will pay off, and readers will cheer as they read the delightful book. As the story goes, Norma and Belly will be able to keep their business going as the donut-delivery truck’s success grows.

Two adorable squirrels meet a donut food truck. They plan to start the day by eating pancakes, but Norma accidentally burns her pancakes. The two go searching for a new treat. While they’re out in search of a new donut, they happen to discover a food truck that parks near a tree. The two squirrels must work out a way to steal the donut that will make their tiny lives complete!

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