when can you hunt squirrel in missouri after deer season

When Can You Hunt Squirrel in Missouri After Deer Season Has Ended? when can you hunt squirrel in missouri after deer season

In Missouri, you can hunt squirrel after deer season has ended, as long as you have a license and follow the regulations. There are two daily bag limits, and you can only harvest ten squirrels per day. The rules also require that the game be identifiable to the individual hunter. There are several ways to do this, but the most important is to identify your game with a tag or label. The graphic image below shows piles of squirrels that do not have tags or labels on them.

Spring squirrel season

If you love to hunt small game and are tired of the same old deer hunting spot, then spring squirrel season in Missouri is for you. Open from May 22 to Feb. 15, this season gives you the chance to get out in the woods before the summer heat sets in. Small game season in Missouri has no age restrictions and allows you to hunt squirrels with shotguns, rifles, bows, and slingshots. You may also trap squirrels with cage-style traps; however, they must be marked with the hunter’s full name and checked daily.

This is a great time to get into the woods, because these little creatures are active from sunrise to sundown. They are on the move all day, foraging for seeds, nuts, and berries. Squirrel hunting is best done by moving slowly and waiting for the squirrels to give you away their location. Don’t give up just because you shot a single squirrel. Chances are, you’ll take two or more from the same spot!


There are regulations to follow when hunting squirrel in Missouri after deer season ends. You must keep the animal identifiable by marking its head and body with a permanent tattoo. If you kill more than one squirrel, you must dispose of it humanely. The MDC issued warnings and citations to hunters for overharvesting. If you don’t have a permanent tattoo, you can use charring as an alternative method.

You must possess a small game hunting license in Missouri before you can hunt squirrels. You can use a shotgun or a bow while hunting. You should use a tag to keep the animal, and you must be identified as the hunter. You can trap the animal with a cage, but it must be smaller than 144 square inches. For more information, visit the Missouri Department of Conservation. The website provides recipes and information about the squirrel hunting regulations.


You’re out of deer season, but that doesn’t mean you should give up your hunt. There are many ways to keep your hunt safe and successful. First, be sure to wear appropriate hunting clothes. While camouflage clothing may help to avoid detection, it’s not necessary. Turkey vests are ideal for hunting squirrels, as they provide a comfortable seat when seated. Small game vests may be helpful, too.

The Department of Conservation reminds Missouri residents that the season for squirrel hunting opened May 28 and runs through February 15, 2023. The possession and daily limit of a squirrel are 20. To hunt a squirrel, you need to obtain a Missouri Small Game Hunting Permit. You can use a shotgun or rifle, a slingshot, or even an atlatl. In addition, you need to use a nontoxic shot.


When to hunt squirrel in Missouri after deer hunting season opens? There are some tips that will help you be successful. First, be aware of any snakes in the area. The average fatality rate for a snake bite is one in fifty million. While you can’t be 100% safe when hunting, wearing snake-proof boots or gaiters will help you feel safer. You should also look for squirrels and wait until they begin to move. After you shoot one, don’t give up. More squirrels will likely come from the same area.

In Missouri, the number of squirrels that you can hunt each day is regulated. A resident may harvest up to 10 squirrels per day. A nonresident may possess two squirrels per day. However, it is important to make sure that you know what kind of squirrel you’re hunting and the regulations that govern it. The state’s regulations require that the squirrels you kill be tagged and labeled, so if you’re not sure what kind of trap you’ll need, consult a Missouri Department of Conservation guidebook.

Firearms restrictions

After deer season is over, Missouri hunters may hunt squirrels with a shotgun or.22 caliber rimfire. They may also use a cage to trap fish. Firearms are not restricted during the daytime hours, but they must be discharged. Nontoxic shotgun cartridges must be used for hunting squirrels. In addition, a small-caliber crossbow is legal.

The dates for the opening of the season vary by county, so it’s important to check the Missouri Department of Conservation website to determine the exact dates in your area. Regardless of when you plan to hunt, the state offers some of the best seasons in the nation. In order to qualify, hunters must meet certain requirements. One of these is the age limit. Children under the age of 6 may hunt only when accompanied by a parent or guardian.

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