When Can You Hunt Squirrel In Missouri

When Can You Hunt Squirrel in Missouri? When Can You Hunt Squirrel In Missouri

When can you hunt squirrel in Missouri? There are a couple of different answers to that question. There are four seasons – Fall, Winter, and Spring. But you may be wondering when is the best time of year to go out and take a shot at a squirrel. This article will help answer your questions. In addition, you’ll be able to find the best locations for squirrel hunting in Missouri.

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Squirrels are beautiful creatures with large, black eyes. While they provide many benefits in the wild, they can also be an eyesore in urban settings. In fact, squirrels can ruin your home’s electrical wiring, siding, and insulation. Additionally, they can destroy your home gardens, including vegetables, flower bulbs, and ornamentals. And they can wreak havoc on bird feeders. Fortunately, Missouri has three kinds of tree squirrels – fox squirrels, gray squirrels, and southern flying ones.

For the best chance at a successful hunt, you should start early in the morning. The early morning hours are cool, and the wildlife is out and moving. Attempting to sneak up on the animal before it wakes up will result in a missed opportunity. Try sitting by a tree or sitting in a bush to study it and listen for movement. Once you spot a squirrel, don’t give up – it’s likely you’ll catch two or more that are in the same tree.


When hunting for squirrels in Missouri, you will want to wait until there is light snow on the ground. During the winter, squirrels use digging to get to food. By finding an active hole, you can target specific areas where you know they are active. After you have located the hole, mark it in your mind and lower the gun. Once you have a squirrel, you will want to wait until the snow melts or the fog clears before you go out to hunt.

Squirrel hunting season is the best time to catch the squirrel, as they begin to store food for the winter. The best time to hunt is between three and four hours after dawn and two to three hours before dusk. You should also make sure to bring water for your dog, since squirrels are active during the hotter part of the day. You can also look for them under dense foliage and on the shady side of older trees.


For those looking for an extra day of outdoor fun, Spring squirrel hunting in Missouri may be right for you. Although the season is longer than fall, spring squirrel hunting offers an ideal balance of pleasant weather and challenging wildlife. A few tips can increase your chances of success. The Missouri Department of Conservation reminds hunters and anglers that the eastern gray and fox squirrel seasons run from May 23 through Feb. 28. While the days are warm during the day, squirrels are most active in the early morning and later at night.

The best time to go squirrel hunting in Missouri is in the early morning hours. The squirrels feed on soft mast food such as buds, berries, and leftover nuts. This is the best time to stalk these creatures and catch them before they are able to make a decision about where to live. If you plan to use a trap, ensure that it is marked with the name of the hunter and is checked daily. For more information, visit the Missouri Department of Conservation website.


There are many advantages to hunting squirrel in summer. For one thing, it’s easier to find them. While the forest may be full of insects and poison ivy, squirrels don’t need to hibernate. They will come out to feed as soon as the weather improves. Plus, wet leaves aren’t as crunchy under your feet as they are on a dry day. But don’t wait until it’s too foggy to go hunting!

Squirrels feed every day, even during cool spells. Even a few degrees decrease in the average daily temperature can trigger a feeding frenzy among squirrels during daylight. And when it rains during the night, they go into a full-fledged feeding frenzy. This is when the squirrel hunting action is at its best. It’s the best time to hunt squirrel in Missouri.

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