When Can You Squirrel Hunt In Alabama

When Can You Squirrel Hunt in Alabama?When Can You Squirrel Hunt In Alabama

The state of Alabama has regulations in place for when can you squirrel hunt. In general, squirrel hunting is open from early October to late February. A hunter may harvest up to eight squirrels each day and may only possess up to eight at any one time. There are many different methods of squirrel hunting, and some use highly trained dogs and calls to locate their targets. Regardless of how you choose to approach squirrel hunting, you’ll want to use the following tips to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

.22 caliber rifle is preferred for squirrel hunting

While the.22 caliber rifle is preferred for squirrel hunting in Alabama, a shotgun is also a good choice for semi-populated areas. While a shotgun may not kill a squirrel at a great distance, it does cause a lot of noise and can scare off other squirrels. A good way to ensure accuracy is to clean your rifle regularly. Here are a few tips to use when shooting squirrels.

The best time to hunt squirrels with a.22 caliber rifle is late summer or early autumn. This is when leaves are still on tree limbs and will not fall for several weeks. In fact, the leaf drop may not happen until November in the Southeast. To increase your chances of getting a shot, try to target squirrels that sit still. You’ll have a better chance of success if you know how to wait for the perfect moment to take your shot.

.22 caliber rifle is required for all hunters over the age of 16

Squirrel hunting is legal in Alabama from October to February. You will need a.22 caliber rifle and a license to hunt them. Alabama is home to gray and fox squirrels, two of the most popular species. Although the gray squirrel is more common, the fox squirrel is not as adept at climbing and is most often found in open areas with a combination of pine and hardwood trees.

If you’re under 16, you’ll need to purchase a license to hunt squirrels. All hunters over the age of 16 must have a hunting license and a.22 caliber rifle. In Alabama, all hunters must use a.22 caliber rifle to kill their prey. You can also purchase a hunting license that gives you unlimited hunts in one season.


If you want to become a master of the sport, you must practice squirrel hunting in Alabama. Hunting squirrels requires a high level of patience, so you must learn how to time yourself properly. Practice shooting squirrels at different angles and with various shooting positions. The key to success is to learn to adjust your shooting technique to various obstacles and angles. Practice hunting before you go out into the real world and take down real squirrels!

Hunting for squirrels is legal in Alabama from October to February. A squirrel license is necessary to hunt them. Alabama has the perfect habitat for squirrels, and the state has expanded its squirrel hunting season in 2004. The state has several national forests and management areas that offer great hunting opportunities. These areas are rich in hardwood trees, and the gray and fox squirrels thrive there. Because of the state’s favorable habitat, the number of squirrels has steadily increased over the years.


Squirrel hunting in Alabama is not difficult and there are plenty of public lands where you can go squirrel hunting. Alabama has a rich diversity of habitats and abundant squirrels. There are several species to choose from, with the gray squirrel being the most common and preferring areas with a high concentration of hardwood trees. While the fox squirrel is not as agile, it tends to favor open spaces with a mixture of pine and hardwood trees.

The statewide squirrel hunting season in Alabama starts on Sept. 11 and runs until March 6, 2022. This season is also shared by the rabbit hunting season, so sportsmen can bag up to eight rabbits per day, depending on the public hunting areas. When deer populations were low, people often hunted small game like squirrels. This led to the emergence of the whitetail deer population, and it is still the most popular amongst sportsmen in the state.


There are a number of regulations for squirrel hunting in Alabama. These regulations include the amount of squirrels that can be harvested, the type of animal you may hunt, and the location of the hunting activity. The state has a large amount of national forests and other management areas that provide excellent opportunities for squirrel hunting. Both the gray squirrel and fox squirrel are native to Alabama and are not particularly spooky. Hunting gray squirrels is most effective in open areas with large hardwood trees.

It is illegal to hunt on private property without permission of the landowner. However, it is legal to hunt on private property if you are accompanied by the landowner or a guest. There are also laws in Alabama regarding the hours of hunting. Only the daytime hours are legal for lawful hunting. Hunting in Alabama is allowed only during the daylight hours. There are no special laws for hunting squirrels during the evenings or on weekends.

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