When Does Pa Squirrel Season Start

When Does PA Squirrel Season Start? When Does Pa Squirrel Season Start

When does PA squirrel season start? This year it begins on Saturday, Sept. 11 and ends Feb. 2022. While the number of squirrels you can take is not regulated, the season will begin earlier and end later in 2021 and 2022. Here are a few things you should know about the hunting season. In 2021-22, there will be no limit to the number of squirrels you can take. Also, keep in mind that the seasons in those years will change, so be aware of these dates.

P.A. squirrel season starts on Saturday, Sept. 11

Squirrels are back in Pennsylvania. The season is September 11 through October 31, with bag limits for scaup ranging from one to two per day. The rules are slightly complicated in Pennsylvania due to the state’s wide spread. The hours for eastern Pennsylvania start at sunrise and run for three hours. The western part of the state starts a half-hour later. The Ohio border is 20 minutes later. Remember that this is a time change. Daylight saving time will end on Nov. 7. This will make for longer summer days and shorter winter days.

Pennsylvania has three species of squirrels. The Eastern Gray Squirrel is the most common species, inhabiting a wide variety of habitat. Other species include the Fox Squirrel, which has a smaller range than the Eastern Gray. The Red Squirrel is found in coniferous forests, preferring areas with abundant cones. Learning the differences between these species can help you make a more successful hunt.

It ends on Feb. 20, 2022

Pennsylvania’s hunting seasons are preliminarily approved at the January meeting of the Game Commission, with the bag limit and seasons for specific species being finalized at the April meeting. There are currently three vacancies on the Board of Commissioners, so a vote may be necessary to make the season a success. Until then, there are plenty of ways to get in on the fun.

When can you go out to hunt squirrels in Pennsylvania? The squirrel season in Pennsylvania is split into two phases, the first starting on September 15 and ending on February 20. In February, the season for red squirrels begins and ends on March 20. There are no season restrictions for gray squirrels in Pennsylvania. And when you’re in Georgia, the season for fox squirrels starts on October 2 and lasts through the end of December.

There is no limit for the number of squirrels you can take

Pennsylvania’s squirrel hunting season runs from mid-October through February 28th. To protect yourself, wear fluorescent orange vest and safety glasses while hunting. You should be silent during this time, and try to stay hidden so that squirrels won’t perceive you as a predator. You can hunt up to three different types of squirrels during this season. If you have a 12-gauge shotgun, you’ll be in luck. A basic small game load works well, too.

While there is no limit for the number of squirrels that you can take during Pennsylvania’s squirrel hunting season, you must follow the bagging regulations to avoid encounters with game wardens. Residents of Pennsylvania are allowed to take only one antlered deer, two spring gobblers, four bobwhite quail, and one hare each day. Visitors can also take six squirrels per day.

Changes to hunting seasons in 2021-22

The Pennsylvania Game Commission has adopted changes to its hunting regulations for the 2021-22 hunting season. The changes will add three Sundays to the squirrel and rabbit seasons, but exclude migratory birds and wild turkeys. Commissioners believe that these changes will increase hunting participation. They hope that the added Sundays will encourage more hunters to take advantage of the new hunting seasons. A final decision will be made by the Game Commission in April.

This year, Pennsylvania will extend its open season for the firearms deer and turkey hunts through the end of September, as well as the limited-permit elk season. Hunters who enter the limited permit elk license drawing will benefit from the new seasons as well. The Sunday hunting seasons in November will be extended as well, so that hunters can also go after small game during the month of November.

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