When Does Squirrel Season Come In In Pennsylvania

When Does Squirrel Hunting Season Come in Pennsylvania?

When does squirrel hunting season come in Pennsylvania? Pennsylvania squirrel hunting season begins in mid-October and runs through February 28th. During this time, hunters should dress in fluorescent orange and remain quiet. Hunting squirrels is not as easy as spotting them in the treetops, so they usually perceive hunters as predators. However, with a few tips, hunters can harvest three types of squirrel in one season.

Hunting seasons in Pennsylvania

Squirrel hunting is legal throughout Pennsylvania, so you don’t have to wait until spring to go on your hunt. You can take advantage of the early morning and evening hours to catch a squirrel. These are the best times to hunt for squirrels. Many squirrel species are active during this time and do not react aggressively to humans. However, if you are unable to spot a squirrel at first, you can set up a trap to entice it to come out of hiding.

In order to catch a squirrel in the wild, you must be wearing fluorescent orange clothing and fluorescent orange vest. When hunting during these times, you should make sure to stay quiet. You will want to make sure the squirrels do not see you, so they will take time to come down and rest. Moreover, you can use binoculars to track down the squirrels. Hunting with an air rifle is best during early morning or late afternoon, as squirrels are able to stay in treetops for longer periods.

License requirements

If you’re planning to go hunting for squirrels in Pennsylvania, you’ll need a license to do so. While the state does not have a specific season, you’ll still find plenty of opportunities to enjoy this species. In addition to its abundant population of squirrels, Pennsylvania offers many other types of game to hunt. The state supports a variety of big and small game species, including rabbits, pheasants, and ruffed grouse.

A resident landowner license is available for those with 80 acres or more of contiguous land. It must be open to public hunting and trapping throughout the license year. In addition, applicants must provide their Game Commission cooperative public access program agreement number, also known as a subscription number on HuntFishPA. To apply for a license, contact the Game Commission’s regional office in the county where you live to obtain the required documents.

Hours of hunting

If you live in Pennsylvania and want to go squirrel hunting, you need a license. You can get a non-resident or resident landowner hunting license. Residents can get a license if they own 80 acres or more of open land. You must have a Game Commission cooperative public access program agreement number, also known as a subscription number, to apply. If you do not have a subscription number, you must contact a Game Commission regional office for assistance.

When is squirrel season in Pennsylvania? The best time is September or October, as this is when squirrels hibernate. You should also wear fluorescent orange apparel, as these colors help attract squirrels. You should also be quiet and wear a fluorescent orange vest when hunting, since squirrels view humans as predators. Remember, the limit is six squirrels per day, and you can take up to 18 in total. Once you have your license, it’s time to choose a weapon. For close-range hunting, a 12-gauge shotgun or 20-gauge shotgun is ideal, along with a basic small game load.

Ammunition allowed

While the squirrel hunting season in Pennsylvania runs from February 28th to March 8th, there are some important things to remember before you go out in the woods. You must wear fluorescent orange apparel, covering your head, chest, and back. You may use shotguns or rifles to take down squirrels, but you can only bring six a day, and you can only possess up to 18 squirrels at a time. You must choose the weapon you will use, and your ammunition. A 20-gauge shotgun or a 12-gauge rifle with basic small game loads will do just fine.

In addition to statewide regulations, local municipalities can also enact ordinances that restrict the use of certain firearms and ammunition. Some municipalities, like Allegheny County, have failed to keep up with the latest laws regarding firearms. The Game Commission is responsible for enforcing these rules. The state’s new law allows hunting with centerfire rifles in some localities. For more information about firearms regulations, visit Pennsylvania’s Game Commission website.

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