When Does Squirrel Season Come In In Wv In 2017?

When Does Squirrel Season Come In In WV In 2017?

Squirrel hunting in West Virginia will start Saturday, September 9th. This year the Natural Resources Commission moved the season back almost a month to make room for bow hunters and squirrel hunters. They also hoped to get people back into the woods to enjoy a little nostalgia or to try their hand at squirrel hunting. Regardless of your hunting preferences, this season is sure to please.

rite-mating season in wv

The West Virginia deer population was estimated at 550,000 in 2017. The mild winter resulted in higher numbers of fawns, but poor oak production offset the higher fawn numbers. The good mast harvest also reduced deer travel distances, resulting in a 1.5 percent decline in the 2021 deer hunt. Deer numbers in 2020 are expected to be the same as those in 2017, but the 2019 buck kill dropped sharply.

Dates of statewide squirrel season in wv in 2017

Squirrel hunting in West Virginia has changed over the years, but this year it will open on Saturday, Sept. 9. The statewide season is open to the public and runs through Feb. 28. There is a bag limit of four squirrels per night, but there is no season limit for raccoons. Youngsters can take part in a youth squirrel hunting contest.

In recent years, the statewide squirrel season in West Virginia has been moved up a little to accommodate bow and rifle hunters. The new season is designed to bring people back into the woods, relive childhood memories, and experience the thrill of hunting in Tall Hickory trees. The new dates for squirrel hunting are listed below. You can also check out a list of restrictions on squirrel hunting in West Virginia.

Squirrel hunting seasons are open to regular firearms and antlerless squirrel rifles. The new dates will be finalized at the April meeting. Whether statewide squirrel hunting is legal in your area is up to you. And remember, the rules change every year. For example, a year when hickory nut harvest was plentiful means there will be fewer squirrels in West Virginia in the fall.

Zones of statewide squirrel season in wv in 2017

If you are looking for the zones of statewide squirrel season in West Virginia this year, there are many options available to you. West Virginia forests are a great source of food for small game. Squirrels and snowshoe hares prefer oak and hickory forests, while grouse prefer old orchards and hawthorn-grown pastures. Cottontails prefer lowlands and old fields.

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