When Does Squirrel Season End In Indiana?

When Does Squirrel Season End in Indiana?

When Does Squirrel Season End In Indiana?


Squirrel hunting season in Indiana opens on August 15 and lasts until January 31, 2017. Hunters can harvest up to 10 squirrels per day and may use a shotgun, rifle, or bow to kill them. The hunting license is called a Small Game Hunting Permit and is required before you can go hunting.

Squirrel Hunting Roundup In Indiana

You may be wondering when squirrel season in Indiana ends. In Indiana, you have until January 31 to take out a fox or gray squirrel. You must remember, however, that shooting into a nest is illegal. While you may be tempted to shoot a fox or gray squirrel for its fur, you should avoid doing so. The limit for Indiana is five squirrels per day. When hunting a squirrel, keep in mind that they stare at us for several reasons. They’re either looking for food or trying to communicate with us. No matter why, they’re never in a zen state.

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Squirrel season in Indiana runs from August 15 to January 31. During these dates, you can legally hunt fox and gray squirrels. It is illegal to shoot into nests, but hunting a fox or gray squirrel is allowed without a hunting license. Squirrel meat is not only a nutritious, eco-friendly source of protein but is also delicious!

In Indiana, there are two kinds of squirrels. The fox and gray species are smaller and can live together. The reds are the more common and larger of the two. In fact, they often live together. The season is the best time to shoot a fox or gray squirrel. In addition to the youth deer hunting season, archery and rifle deer hunting seasons will start on Sept. 26-27. These seasons are both open and the killing of a red squirrel is legal. In some states, however, it is illegal to shoot into a nest.

During the fall and winter, hunters may hunt fox squirrels and gray squirrels during the winter. While fox squirrels are protected species in Indiana, grays are legal to hunt with dogs. The meat is a delicious and environmentally-friendly option for hunters. There are no special laws for hunting fox and gray squirrels. In some states, the hunting seasons are open all year long, so you can take advantage of them.

In Indiana, it is illegal to hunt gray and fox squirrels for the purpose of eating their eggs and nests. While shooting into a den is prohibited, fox squirrels are legal to be killed during the hunting season. Unlike fox squirrels, the flying species are protected under federal law. Besides, it is also illegal to shoot a fox.

The hunting season for gray squirrels and fox squirrels is open all year. A hunting license is necessary for this activity. In addition to this, you’ll need to be licensed to hunt for gray and fox squirrels. For the fox and gray species, hunters can use a dog and a gun. You’ll need to follow the regulations of the Department of Natural Resources for other purposes.

There are no restrictions on shooting squirrels in Indiana. You can hunt gray squirrels and fox squirrels at any time during the season. You must also wear hunter orange and wear a hunting license if you’re planning to shoot the animals. During the hunting season, there are no restrictions on the number of birds and dogs that can be chased. If you have a dog, you can also shoot the fox and gray squirrels with your dog.


The Indiana Department of Natural Resources regulates squirrel hunting. When it comes to shooting a flying squirrel, the best place to shoot it is in the brain area. This will ensure instant death. It will also preserve its meat and fur. You should be careful when shooting a flying squirrel; do not shoot it into the heart. It is illegal to trap the animal in its nest or den, but it is legal to kill it without a permit.

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