When Does Squirrel Season End in Missouri?


When Does Squirrel Season End in Missouri?

When does a squirrel season end in Missouri? In general, the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDoC) encourages hunting and fishing for both black bass and squirrels. The first season opens on May 22 and end in February. While you can kill as many squirrels as you want during this season, you are limited to a certain number of them per day. The daily limit is 20. If you are lucky enough to find a female, you are allowed to possess as many as one dozen. In addition to the season date, you must have a valid Small Game Hunting or Archery Hunting license to harvest them.

If you want to trap a squirrel, make sure you go early in the morning. The early morning hours are the best time to catch a squirrel. However, if you want to catch one in the afternoon, wait until the rain starts to fall. The temperature will be at its lowest by late August. If you are catching a squirrel during this time, you should keep your distance from the wildlife.

Start and End of the Season

Generally, you can shoot a squirrel from mid-May to mid-February. Depending on your state’s regulations, you can take up to ten squirrels in a day. The possession limit is two per day. During this time, it’s important to remember that the Missouri Department of Conservation also sets a daily limit of twenty. The harvest limit is based on the state’s rules and regulations.

Before hunting for squirrels, consider the season and weather. Spring is the ideal time to hunt these creatures since they spend most of their time in treetops. They can easily be caught in a cage-style trap if it is placed in an area where the weather is not too dry. A little drizzle will do the trick if you are lucky enough to catch one. Likewise, you should avoid going after a skunk if it’s breeding season.

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While hunting for squirrels is prohibited on private property, it is permitted on certain public lands. While red and gray squirrels are allowed in private land, a gray or brown squirrel is not allowed to be harvested on any state WMAs. During this season, there are several restrictions on the harvest of the species. For example, a hunter must only kill one squirrel per day. When does squirrel season end in Missouri?

The Missouri Department of Conservation reminds people about the opening of the spring squirrel hunting season. It runs through Feb. 15 in 2020. It’s important to be aware that red and gray squirrels are allowed to be harvested on public lands throughout the state. In other areas, it’s illegal to hunt a red or gray squirrel. There are exceptions, however. A person must obtain a Small Game Hunting Permit.

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