When Does Squirrel Season Go Out In Kentucky

When Does Squirrel Season Go Out in Kentucky? when does squirrel season go out in kentucky

If you’re wondering when does squirrel season in Kentucky end, read on to learn about the best times to hunt these game creatures. Kentucky has seasons for hunting in spring, fall, winter, and spring again. Flying squirrels are not considered game animals, but they can be shot for sport. Read on to learn about the season in your area and how to stay safe while hunting. You don’t even need a license to hunt squirrels on private land.


If you have ever wondered when the spring squirrel hunting season in Kentucky will begin, you’ve come to the right place. The season begins early in the morning, when the temperatures are cooler and squirrels are more active. There are plenty of places to hunt these furry friends, so there’s no need to worry if you’re not a veteran hunter. Kentucky’s spring season also offers a lower pressure for hunting.


Squirrels are a great game to hunt during the fall months. Depending on the region, there are several different seasons for hunting them. In Kentucky, the fall season lasts until the end of February. Small game hunting season begins in November and falconry in September. The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife encourages hunters to stay safe during the hunting season. Make sure that you are wearing a gun safety vest and pay attention to where you aim your gun when you are not using it. You should also check your hunting guide for rules on how to hunt squirrels in your state.


When does squirrel season go out in Kentucky? This question may seem like a strange one, but if you are a true hunter and love the sport of squirrel hunting, you’re in luck. There are many ways to call a squirrel into range. Old-time hunters used coins to simulate the chatter of a squirrel while feeding. You can also clean a squirrel by removing all the hair and fur from the meat.

Flying squirrels not a game species

If you are thinking of hunting flying squirrels, there are some things that you need to know. Flying squirrels are not game species in Kentucky, but they are not extinct. If you have seen them, you may be tempted to shoot them. But before you take the bait, consider a few things. First, know that flying squirrels are kits and are blind. They also breed twice a year, during the winter and summer months. The male squirrel does not play an active role in rearing the kits.


Before you begin your hunt, you need to know what kind of licenses and permits you will need. You’ll need a hunting license to legally take down a squirrel, as well as a permit for any other game animal in Kentucky. In some cases, there may be different licenses required for different types of game animals, such as deer. You can also purchase a trapping license, which is required by the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Department, if you want to harvest squirrels and rabbits.


The state of Kentucky offers two different squirrel seasons: spring for Eastern gray squirrels (Sciurus carolinensis) and fall for flying squirrels (Glaucomys volans). While all three species can be hunted, the latter is prohibited in Kentucky. The best times to hunt for squirrels in Kentucky are early spring and mid-fall, when squirrels are most active. They slow down during the hottest part of the day. If you’d like to hunt a specific species, you will need a permit to do so.

Locations to hunt

If you want to catch a squirrel in Kentucky, you should head to the woodlands in spring. The spring months bring plenty of squirrels and beautiful spring foliage, making this a perfect time to go squirrel hunting. Listed below are locations to hunt squirrels in Kentucky. Read on to find out more about these locations! And, remember to wear knee boots or hip waders for maximum protection. Look for signs of squirrel activity, like acorns and nuts scattered on the ground, or rotting bark underneath trees.

Diseases that affect squirrels

Squirrels can contract several diseases and parasites, including ticks, mange mites, fleas, and rabies. Many people are unaware of the potential dangers these rodents pose. However, if you want to protect your family from these creatures, you should know what to look for. These animals often don’t live to be four years old, and some can even be fatal.

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