When Does Squirrel Season Open In West Virginia

When Does Squirrel Season Open in West Virginia? when does squirrel season open in west virginia

When does squirrel season open in West Virginia? The season lasts the longest in the country. Public and private lands both permit squirrel hunting on Sundays. If you hunted every day until the season ended, you’d spend 173 days afield, or almost six months! But there’s a catch. In West Virginia, you have to be licensed to hunt squirrels. To learn more about squirrel hunting in West Virginia, read the information below.

Groundhog hunting is permitted during the spring squirrel season

While groundhogs are not legally protected in West Virginia, the hunting seasons are open to residents of the state. A resident’s children, parents, and tenants can control this nuisance animal by controlling groundhog populations on their land. This season lasts from April 1 to September 30. Hunters can shoot at groundhogs using shotguns with solid ball ammunition during these hours. In addition, the season is closed to deer, buck, and elk in four counties.

While groundhog hunting is not permitted during the spring squirrel season in West Virginia, it is legal on state and federal lands. You must first obtain written permission from the landowner before hunting. This document will also contain the rules and regulations for hunting. You can obtain the document from your local DNR district office or authorized hunting license agents. After receiving a permit, you can hunt groundhogs on private land.

Antlerless deer hunting is allowed on a Class N or NN license or as a landowner

The WVDNR issues a press release just before the hunting season opens, describing the rules for antlerless deer hunting. In general, you must be a resident to hunt antlerless deer, but a non-resident can hunt it as long as they have a Class N or NN license and are accompanied by a licensed adult. Non-residents can hunt antlerless deer with a Class N or NN license or as a landowner.

In West Virginia, antlerless deer hunting is allowed on lands owned by private landowners or on property owned by a Class N or NN license. In some counties, you must hunt a buck first before taking an antlerless deer. You also need to kill a small antlered buck before attempting to kill a big one.

Archery deer hunting with a crossbow

When does squirrel season open in West Virginia? The deer season in West Virginia is not the same as the deer hunting season in many other states. While the squirrel season is traditionally the first Saturday of October, it has been moved up to September, which allowed hunters to hit the woods on Sept. 10. The new season also coincided with the Mountaineer Heritage season, which will run from Jan. 9-12, 2020.

If you’re planning to hunt deer, you can get a license for this state. The archery season in West Virginia will open Sept. 26. The crossbow season will open on December 31. Squirrel hunting will be legal until February 7, 2020. Despite the new rules, the crossbow season will last three weeks longer. That way, you have more time to bag your trophy. It’s also illegal to hunt nonmigratory birds on Sundays in West Virginia.

Hunting with an AR-15 rifle

A recent West Virginia state law has made it legal for people to hunt squirrels with an AR-15 rifle. Senate Bill 8 allows people to hunt on public land on Sundays, but there are restrictions. For example, you cannot use deer scents or lures, or any other type of bait that may attract deer. You can also not use radio tracking equipment, except for falconry permits. In addition, you cannot hunt on the same property as someone using a drone.

In addition to being legal to hunt in most states, the AR-15 rifle also has many advantages over other rifles. It is perfect for hunting deer and smaller game during off-season months. Make sure to check with your state wildlife agency to determine which configuration of the rifle will be best for the particular game you’re chasing. Otherwise, you may find yourself unable to take home your trophy.

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