When Does Squirrel Season Start In Indiana?

When Does Squirrel Season Start in Indiana

Squirrel season runs from August to January of every year. The best time to see these small rodents is in early fall. While the weather is still warm, they spend a significant portion of their day in treetops, so waiting for a light drizzle can make catching them that much easier. However, if the weather is extremely hot and you have no luck catching any, it may be worth checking out other months.

The state allows residents to trap raccoons, but you must be sure to release them within the county in which they were trapped. For hunters, you are allowed to harvest five squirrels a day, and you may possess up to 10 for personal use. It is recommended to obtain a Small Game Hunting Permit before hunting, as forests and woods can be very difficult to traverse in August.

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Squirrel Hunting In Indiana

The state of Indiana offers a number of different ways to hunt squirrels. The first is to wear hunter orange and be careful of the deer firearm season. The second option is to use a rifle. In both cases, you must be wearing a white or orange jacket and orange gloves. During these seasons, you must also have a hunting license. You can also wear a red or blue vest if you are hunting fox squirrels. Remember that you cannot shoot squirrels into their nests.

While gray and red squirrels are legal for harvest statewide, you may find them in the wild on certain WMAs. In Indiana, they are harvested statewide, but only on certain WMAs. Some WMAs, such as the Fairystone WMA, are open to hunting all year round. The following WMAs allow for the hunting of gray and red squirrels. Further, the fairy stone WMA includes the following: Highland, Hidden Valley, Little North Mountain, Mattaponi Bluffs, Merrimac Farm, and Powhatan WMA. Other WMAs in the state include Stewarts Creek and Rapidan WMA.

Squirrels are legal to hunt during hunting seasons, and you should only hunt them if they are a nuisance. The state of Indiana also allows the hunting of antlered deer on a limited basis. However, there are many regulations regarding the hunting of flying squirrels. For instance, you must shoot the animal in its head to prevent it from being killed by another person.

In Indiana, you should be aware that the state’s regulations on squirrel hunting vary from state to state. In some areas, there are special regulations and restrictions for shooting and capturing animals. You should first know if you can legally kill a certain species of squirrel in the state. It will depend on the area you hunt in. If you want to kill a flying squirrel, you need to have a permit.

Moreover, It depends on your hunting license. You can hunt gray and fox squirrels any time of the year. You can also hunt them with a dog in any area. While this is not legal in Indiana, you can kill a flying squirrel with a licensed fox. In addition, it’s a healthy meal for your pet, and you can even prepare it yourself at home.

During late summer, squirrel hunting can be difficult because the dense foliage limits visibility. In this case, slowing down and using a modified choke constriction can provide a close shot. The use of a shotgun can be advantageous because it allows you to catch a moving target and shoot through some vegetation. If you don’t have a hunting license, you can still hunt a squirrel with a rimfire rifle.

In Conclusion

The date of squirrel hunting in Indiana depends on the state’s regulations. The season opens in August and runs until January 31, 2019. You can harvest up to 5 squirrels a day, and possess up to ten. To shoot a squirrel, you need to use a rifle, shotgun, or bow. You must have a Small Game Hunting Permit to hunt these animals. If you are a resident of Indiana, the season is open until January 31.

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