When Does Squirrel Season Start In Louisiana

When Does Squirrel Season Start in Louisiana? when does squirrel season start in louisiana

If you want to go hunting for squirrels, you may be wondering when does squirrel season in Louisiana begin. If you live in Louisiana, you are not the only one who is eagerly awaiting the season’s start. You should also know the bag limit, the dates, and the locations where you can hunt. There are several tips you can follow to ensure you don’t miss out on a great squirrel hunting trip.


When do squirrel and dove seasons start in Louisiana? The first Saturday in October and the last day of February are the dates that hunters can legally pursue these animals. In addition, dove and squirrel hunting seasons in Louisiana vary depending on the species. During the fall, hunters can pursue gray and red squirrels, while in the spring, hunters may target both species. Listed below are the dates for both species. You should always check with the state’s game laws before heading out to the woods to begin hunting.

Generally, the squirrel hunting season in Louisiana lasts two seasons: fall and spring. The first season runs from August 21 through October 12, followed by the second season from November 15 to February 28. The youth-only season runs from September 25 to 26. In Louisiana, squirrel hunting seasons last from two to six weeks: fall starts on October 2, and ends on February 28; spring starts May 7 and runs through May 29. In both seasons, the bag limit is ten.

Bag limit

The spring squirrel hunting season in Louisiana is coming soon. It will begin on May 5 and will run through May 27 on private land. The season runs from May 5 to 13 on wildlife management areas. The bag limit is eight squirrels per hunter. Using trained squirrel dogs is permitted during the spring squirrel hunting season. If you’re planning to hunt squirrels, you’ll want to know the bag limits. Listed below are the dates for each hunting season.

The state of Louisiana holds two squirrel hunting seasons. Squirrel hunting season is from July 2 to February 28 and the bag limit is ten per day. Mink and otters are also huntable. Muskrat hunting is legal when they are depredating private property and two miles from a levee. Residents don’t have to pay any license fees and nonresidents can purchase a state-wide hunting license for $3 or a professional market hunting license for $10.

Locations to hunt

If you’re looking for locations to hunt squirrels when squirrel season starts in the state of Louisiana, you’ve come to the right place. Squirrel hunting season officially begins in May, so you’ll want to plan a trip during this time. However, if you’re looking for a quick hunt, there are still some locations you can visit that will be sure to produce plenty of tasty squirrel dishes. The first few days of the season are best for squirrel hunting, so be sure to bring along a trained squirrel dog for the experience.

If you’re a young hunter, you’ll want to spend some time cutting teeth on small game. The late winter and early spring seasons are great times to get started, and you’ll want to choose an area close to a water source. It’s also a good idea to wear knee-high boots or hip waders to stay warm during this time. After that, you’ll want to look for signs of squirrel activity. Look for acorns, nuts, or bark scattered on the ground.

Equipment needed

Squirrel season is here again in Louisiana. These little rodents can easily be tamed using the proper equipment. Louisiana’s squirrel population is healthy and abundant. The dates of the hunting season should reflect previous years. The first Saturday in October through the last day of February are prime months to go squirrel hunting. The 2012-13 small game study showed that approximately twenty thousand hunters harvested about one hundred and eighty thousand rabbits statewide.

Hunting for these little creatures can prove challenging without the proper equipment. Squirrels are often active near water sources, and hunting them on such a body of water requires a permit. Wear knee-high boots or hip waders when approaching these bodies of water. Then, look for signs of activity. Broken acorns and nuts scattered on the ground and bark under trees are indicators that squirrels are nearby.

History of hunting in Louisiana

Squirrel hunting in Louisiana has a long tradition in the Cajun community, which is comprised of descendants of French-speaking Catholics who were forced out of Acadia, a former French colony in Nova Scotia. Cajun families migrated to Louisiana in the 1760s, with only paltry supplies and little else to sustain themselves. Luckily, they lucked out and the abundant wildlife kept them alive, nourishing their culture and heritage.

The state has a rich history in hunting, and today the sport is regulated by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. Although small game hunting is banned in the state, regulations for hunting deer and squirrels are similar to those for hogs. Jessica Watson, a PHD candidate from the University of Washington, has studied the behavior of squirrels. She has presented her findings at numerous wildlife conferences. She also holds a master’s degree in history and has published numerous articles on wildlife conservation and hunting.

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