When Does Squirrel Season Start In Mississippi

When Does Squirrel Season Start in Mississippi?when does squirrel season start in mississippi

Are you wondering when does squirrel season start in Mississippi? Well, the first part of this article will answer that question. After all, squirrel hunting season in Mississippi is only open during the Fall and Winter seasons. Then, in this next part, we’ll discuss the regulations to obtain a hunting license. Read on to learn more. Here are some tips to make your hunting experience as productive as possible.


The state’s fall squirrel hunting season opened today and runs through February 28, 2019. This year, the bag limit for this animal is eight per person per day. Mississippi has many public lands where you can take a squirrel. For gray and upland fox squirrels, areas with pine and hardwood forests will provide the best hunting. You should also practice firearm safety, which is best accomplished by wearing gloves. You may also purchase a squirrel call or scrape two quarters together to make the noises that the squirrels make.

Once you have determined that the season is over, it’s time to adjust your tactics. Early in the season, you can look up into tree canopies, but by the time the season dwindles, you should scan the ground for the squirrels’ food. This will allow you to scout a wider area at each stop. The squirrels have excellent eyesight and can spot the human in a long distance.


During early to mid fall, you can find squirrels scurrying on the ground and feeding in the trees. They are most active in the mornings and early evenings, and they sleep during the day. Hunting squirrels is allowed within a hundred yards of bait, but you should check local regulations before heading out. Bullets fired from a rimfire rifle can travel up to a mile.

In Mississippi, the fall squirrel hunting season is now open and lasts until February 28, 2019. This season no longer has zones, and you can hunt the squirrels you want. The bag limit for the season is eight per day. Using baited traps, you can bring your dog with you. Remember that the bag limit for each species is eight squirrels per day. And don’t forget about the dog-friendly rule. In Mississippi, you’re allowed to use baited traps, but you shouldn’t use them to chase squirrels.


When does squirrel season start in Mississippi? Mississippi squirrel hunting is open from October 1 to February 28. The season is open to everyone, including dogs, and there are no hunting zones in Mississippi. However, baiting rules vary from wildlife management agency to wildlife management agency. Listed below are the rules and tips for squirrel hunting in Mississippi. Listed below are the tips to success for the perfect squirrel hunt. Read them carefully! Also, remember to practice safe firearm safety.

Squirrels are one of the few small game species that thrives in many parts of the state. The meat is delicious and nutritious when properly prepared. The first step in dressing a squirrel is to remove its guts and skin as soon as possible. You should also keep the squirrel cool until it is time to cook it. You can remove the hide later. To dress a squirrel, always wear rubber gloves and apply hand sanitizer. In case you’re harvesting a live squirrel, give it away to a friend or family member.

Regulations for obtaining a hunting license

The regulations for obtaining a squirrel hunting license in the state of Mississippi may vary depending on the type of permit you are interested in getting. Some states require a permit for a specific season or date, or they may restrict hunting to certain areas. In some states, you can only hunt squirrels on state park grounds, and you will need permission from the landowner in order to hunt on private property. Because squirrels live in trees, they are found in dense forests and prefer the softer woods.

For youths residing outside of the state, it is best to obtain a hunting license for the state they plan to visit. Mississippi has a special youth hunting permit that requires you to be under the supervision of an adult family member or legal guardian. This guardian must be licensed to hunt small game in this state and must follow the same regulations as the youth’s adult guardian.

Locations of squirrel hunting areas in Mississippi

Squirrel hunting is a traditional game in Mississippi, and there are many public lands that offer excellent opportunities for the activity. Public lands include Wildlife Management Areas, National Forests, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers lands, and virtually every one offers ample opportunities for squirrel hunting. If you are after gray squirrels, you’ll likely find better success in areas that have lots of hardwood forestland. However, if you’re looking for fox squirrels, you’ll want to search for more open areas. Check out the rules and regulations for the area in which you plan to hunt squirrels, and you’ll be able to find a suitable hunting location.

Squirrel hunting in Mississippi is good because their numbers are relatively high compared to other small-game species, and the meat is nutritious and delicious. Remember to remove the guts as soon as you can after a successful hunt and cool down the squirrel so it doesn’t overheat. It’s a good idea to buy a squirrel call, as squirrels make a whirring sound when enticed by a quarter scraped against another coin.

Number of squirrels that can be taken each day

The number of squirrels that can be taken each day during the fall season in Mississippi is very low compared to other small game species. The season lasts for eight days from September 24 to September 30, with a daily bag limit of eight. The limit is based on distance from a human. You are allowed to hunt within 100 yards of a squirrel, but the statewide regulations do not specify the amount of food that is allowed for squirrel hunting.

In addition to the regular squirrel season, there is a youth season in Mississippi. Youth hunters are allowed to hunt a limited number of squirrels in the youth season, which begins one week before the regular season. Youth hunters are allowed to take up to eight squirrels per day. The limit for youth hunting is eight squirrels per day. Squirrel hunting seasons in Mississippi fall into three zones. Zone one covers the area north of U.S. 82, while zone two covers the areas between U.S. 84 and Interstate 55. Zone three covers the area south of U.S. 84 and west of Interstate 55.

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