When Does Squirrel Season Start In Missouri?

When Does Squirrel Season Start In Missouri?

Squirrel hunting season in Missouri starts on May 22. The eastern gray and fox squirrel seasons begin on May 23 and last until Feb. 15. The legal limit is 10 squirrels per person per day, and the possession limit is 20. To hunt squirrels, you’ll need to obtain a Small Game Hunting or Archery Hunting permit. The hunting season will last for a maximum of one month.

You can hunt them with a gun, a shotgun, archery equipment, slingshots, or an atlatl. The possession limit is 20 squirrels. You can purchase a permit for Archery Hunting, Daily Small Game, or Small Game Hunting and Fishing. The Missouri Department of Conservation reminds you when squirrel and black bass hunting season will start.

If you live in Missouri, you may have missed squirrel hunting season. If you have never hunted squirrels, it’s time to start preparing for it! Squirrels are active year-round, and they are usually most active before the weather changes. If you’re a beginner, be sure to buy a permit for small game hunting and read up on the different regulations for shooting.

Squirrel Hunting in Missouri

The state’s regulations on hunting and trapping small game animals are available online. You can also get recipe ideas for the tasty treats that you harvest.

The female tree squirrel in Missouri can breed all year. It can reproduce throughout the year, and it is possible to capture up to 20 in a day. The female tree squirrels in Missouri are very territorial and may attack humans, but the males are usually more cautious and do not approach them without warning. It’s important to remember that spring is a good time for hunting.

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The Missouri Department of Conservation encourages hunting and fishing for black bass and squirrel. The seasons for the latter run from May 22 until Feb. 15 for 2022. You can take as many as ten a day, and the daily possession limit is twenty. You can also trap squirrels with a shotgun or a rifle. You need a small game hunting permit to hunt the squirrels in Missouri.

However, you must have a valid license to hunt for a specific species, and the limit on a single species is ten. For red and gray squirrels, the season is longer, so you’ll need to be more careful. For your safety and that of the squirrels, it is important to know when to hunt for a particular animal.

These animals are legal to kill and may be harvested by hand. During these seasons, you can take up to a dozen of these animals and make a delicious dinner. The state’s conservation department also offers recipes for the squirrels you kill. Depending on the type of species of squirrel you’re hunting, you can make delicious meals from the meat.

In Conclusion

The season is open to hunting for squirrels from mid-February until March 1st. The possession limit is 20 per day for hunting squirrels. The daily harvest limit is ten. You may harvest more than ten squirrels, but the maximum limit is ten. If you catch more than ten, the regulations allow you to keep them as pets or sell them to a third party.

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