When Does Squirrel Season Start in Ohio?

If you’ve always wondered when does squirrel hunting season start in Ohio, you’re not alone. Thousands of hunters across the state are anxiously awaiting the season to start. Here’s a quick guide to the season, including the dates, bag limits, and requirements for first-time hunters. In addition, we’ll go over whether live-trapping is legal. Read on to learn more!


When is squirrel hunting season in Ohio? The season begins the first week in September and ends on January 31. Ohio hunters have had plenty of opportunities to bag some squirrels during this long season. This is the perfect time to introduce youth to the sport and scout for fall wild turkey hunting. To see what to expect during squirrel hunting season, read on to find out the dates and details. We have listed below some important dates for this season in Ohio.

The seasons are preliminarily approved at the Ohio Game and Poultry Commission’s January meeting and finalized in April. The limits are different in different zones. The north zone allows hunters to take one scaup per day. The northwest zone allows hunters to take two scaup per day, and the lake erie zone allows up to 15 per person. The bag limit for scaup depends on the zone you are in, but you should always carry a bag tag with you.

Bag limits

In the early 1800s, Eastern gray squirrels decimated crops in Ohio, resulting in famine and starvation for the settlers. To combat the threat of these rodents, the Ohio state legislature passed a law putting a bounty on the heads of gray squirrels. County tax payers would then have to show that they had taken the specified number of squirrel scalps required by the township, which could be anything from ten to one hundred.

In Ohio, the bag limit is set at 10 per person, per day. This limit does not apply to individuals who are in the company of others. This regulation does not apply to individuals who are hunting alone. A group of four or more may share a hunting area, though one person may not take more than two squirrels. Several people use the bag limit to hunt multiple squirrels in a single day. The number of birds that can be harvested in a single day depends on the population of the species, but the bag limit for a specific animal is usually not more than two per day.

Requirements for first-time hunters

For hunters new to the sport of squirrel hunting in Ohio, the main thing to remember is that while the game is legal to hunt in state parks, hunting in the park requires a special license. This license is valid only for the season that the park is open, and it is not valid if you are not certified. In addition, you must have a valid hunting license in Ohio. You may also find a free mobile app designed specifically for hunting squirrels in Ohio: HuntFish OH.

A shotgun can be used for hunting squirrels, which are active and often on the move. The bullets from a shotgun spread out to hit the squirrel, even if you are not perfectly aimed. In addition, a close shot can pepper the animal with pellets, spoiling the meat. For this reason, a shotgun is ideal for hunting squirrels in the early season.

Legality of live-trapping

While many people enjoy the sight of a scurrying squirrel in their backyard, it is illegal to capture and release the animals anywhere outside of their original territory. However, you can trap the animals using a snare and release them to a suitable location outside city limits. If you do not want to release the animal, you will need to kill it and then dispose of it. Unless you have permission from the Division of Wildlife, the animal cannot be kept for more than 24 hours.

If you’re living in Ohio, you’ll need a permit to live-trap squirrels. This document is issued by the Ohio Division of Wildlife. Live-trapping is also prohibited inside the city limits and you’ll need to get written permission from the property owner before you do so. Besides, you’ll have to kill the trapped animal if you want to use it in another way.

Best time of year to hunt squirrels in ohio

If you love to hunt squirrels, then the best time of year to go is during the fall and winter months. The movement of squirrels decreases during these months as some species hibernate. During the spring and summer months, however, squirrels are active throughout the day and during the dawn and dusk hours. Therefore, these are the ideal times to hunt squirrels in Ohio. Here are some tips to help you hunt squirrels in Ohio:

First of all, choose a tree where you can see squirrels. If the trees are dense, you’ll find a lot of squirrels in them. Grey squirrels prefer tall trees, and their habitat is often filled with these. If you’re not sure which one to target, consider a forest with thick timber. It will probably be easier to see if you plan ahead. Then, choose an area with high-quality habitats, where you can observe squirrels.


When does squirrel season start in Ohio?

Answer: The season starts on September 1st and goes until February 28th.


Can you shoot a groundhog in Ohio?

Answer: No it is illegal to shoot any groundhog in Ohio.


How many squirrels can you kill in a day in Ohio?

Answer: The bag limit is six squirrels per day.


Can you shoot a squirrel with a .


22 in Ohio?

Answer: Yes as long as the gun is not larger than a .

22 caliber.


Can you use a trap to catch a squirrel in Ohio?

Answer: Yes as long as the trap is not larger than 10 inches x 12 inches x 32 inches.


Can you shoot a squirrel with a pellet gun in Ohio?

Answer: No all guns used to hunt squirrels in Ohio must be firearms.


Where can you shoot a squirrel in Ohio?

Answer: You can shoot a squirrel anywhere in Ohio except for in cemeteries on school grounds or in the city limits of any municipality.


When is the best time to hunt squirrels in Ohio?

Answer: The best time to hunt squirrels is in the morning and evening when they are most active.


What is the best way to attract squirrels?

Answer: The best way to attract squirrels is to put out foods that they like such as corn acorns or sunflower seeds.


What is the best squirrel gun?

Answer: The best squirrel gun is a .

22 caliber rifle.


What is the best squirrel ammunition?

Answer: The best squirrel ammunition is a .

22 caliber bullet.


What is the best squirrel caliber?

Answer: The best squirrel caliber is a .

22 caliber.


What is the best time of year to hunt squirrels in Ohio?

Answer: The best time to hunt squirrels is in the fall when they are most active.


What is the best way to clean a squirrel?

Answer: The best way to clean a squirrel is to skin it and then remove the guts.


What do you do with a squirrel after you kill it?

Answer: After you kill a squirrel you can either eat it or mount it.

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