When Does Squirrel Season Start In Sc

When Does Squirrel Season Start in South Carolina?

When does squirrel season start in South Carolina? The colder temperatures in autumn make it the perfect time to go squirrel hunting. The female squirrels start looking for food. The males will chase the female, which will then give birth to a litter of baby squirrels. The mother squirrel will protect her young, and the male will take care of them. Once the squirrel season ends, you can hunt again in the spring.

Gray squirrels

Squirrel hunting season in South Carolina begins in October and ends in March. The best times to hunt for squirrels are the days before the squirrels hibernate. While the females typically bear a litter of four to five young, you can also hunt for the fox squirrel, which is prized as a trophy mount in the state. A South Carolina hunting license is required to hunt these beautiful mammals.

The gray squirrel is easily distinguished from its nocturnal cousins, the Carolina northern and southern flying squirrels. They have black and gray fur with large eyes and bushy tails. They are slightly larger than red squirrels found in Western North Carolina, but smaller than the eastern fox squirrel. While hunting for gray squirrels is legal in the state, you should always check with your local government to make sure you have permission before going into the woods.


Hunting squirrels is a popular activity for many people, and they are a healthy, local meat that is environmentally responsible. They also have a delicious nutty taste. Squirrels are known to eat hickory, hazel, pecan, and almond nuts, so the meat and fur from a squirrel is very savory. Hunting squirrels should be conducted ethically, since squirrels are protected. A hunter must have permission from the property owner to shoot a squirrel.

Hunting squirrels is best during the early-mid fall when squirrels begin to stock up on food. Hunting during this time can result in a high number of harvests. Squirrels are most active in the early morning hours, and lull during the warmest part of the day. However, don’t expect to see the same number of squirrels as you would during deer season.


If you’re wondering when does squirrel season start in South Carolina, you’re not alone. Hunters in many other states are eagerly awaiting the start of squirrel hunting season. Georgia, for example, opens its squirrel season on August 15 and South Carolina opens its deer season in zone three. If you’re wondering when to go out and catch your first squirrel, here are a few things you should know.

Squirrels come in different color phases. There are three types of squirrels in South Carolina: fox squirrels, gray squirrels, and black squirrels. Gray squirrels are the most common, making them the most common type of squirrel to be found in our state. In addition to pine seeds, fox squirrels eat a variety of other fruits, nuts, and flower buds. They also eat tubers and other edible vegetation.


If you’re wondering when the squirrel season starts in South Carolina, you’re not alone. Most states allow squirrel hunting in certain seasons, and South Carolina is no exception. Gray squirrel hunting season starts in October and lasts through March. You can hunt a squirrel in one day or ten in two. You can hunt squirrels with dogs only, but most deer hunters don’t target squirrels until after the deer season is over.

Squirrel hunting seasons vary by field and state, but generally, the season begins on September 15 and runs through January 1. In South Carolina, you can hunt for gray and fox squirrels. Squirrels can be found throughout the state, so it’s important to know when they’re active in your area. In Georgia, squirrel hunting season is Oct. 26. In South Carolina, it’s Sept. 2 through Oct. 12. There are also youth hunting days that can be found in the fall.

Raccoon hunting in South Carolina

South Carolina’s raccoon season runs from Sept. 15 to May 14 and features no limit on the number of raccoons that can be taken. Some sportsmen use dogs to hunt raccoons for sport and others harvest them for their pelts. Raccoons are considered a highly sought-after game animal and used to account for 60 to 80 percent of the state’s commercial fur harvest in the 1980s. The decline in fur values caused hunting pressure to decrease and raccoon populations increased. They are now prized for their thick, full pelts.

Raccoon hunting in South Carolina is a family activity that attracts thousands of visitors each year. While the process of tracking a raccoon up a tree may seem daunting, the competition is fun and rewarding for everyone. It’s also a chance for aspiring hunters to show off their skills and compete for prizes, including a deer hunt or a camping trip. Raccoons are common in South Carolina, so it’s no surprise that raccoon hunting is a popular sport.

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