When Does The Ohio Squirrel Season 2016

When Does the Ohio Squirrel Season Open?

If you’ve ever wondered when does the Ohio squirrel season open? This guide will tell you when the season begins, bag limits, and regulations for trapping and hunting squirrels in Ohio. You’ll also learn if you can use electronic game calls while hunting these cute little critters. The first day of the season is typically in early September. This is also when migratory bird hunting season opens for larger winged quarry, such as Canada geese.

ohio squirrel season starts in early September

The Ohio squirrel hunting season begins in early September, and you can expect to see a lot of these little creatures in the treetops. It’s a good idea to get a small-bore shotgun and get out there and catch a few. While a lightweight shotgun may work well for squirrels, you should be prepared for Canada geese as well. Wood ducks are not in season in Ohio, and are often confused with teal.

The squirrel season in Ohio runs from the first of September until Jan. 31, 2022. Hunting seasons are open from sunrise to sunset. The bag limit is six per day, and the possession limit is 24. The season is not open on Sundays. The bag limit for squirrels in Ohio is six per day. There is also a daily limit of 18 squirrels, but that limit is reduced to four if the hunter takes a squirrel on a single day.

Bag limits for ohio squirrels

Hunting squirrels is legal in Ohio during the open season. Bag limits are six per day for gray, fox, and black squirrels. Hunting hours are generally from half an hour before sunrise until sunset. However, Ohio’s flying squirrels are a protected species and hunting them requires a permit from the Ohio Division of Wildlife. Read on to learn more about bag limits and other laws related to squirrel hunting in Ohio.

Squirrel hunting season began on Sept. 1 and runs through Jan. 31. In 2016 the bag limit for squirrels is six per day. The regulations for hunting squirrels differ by species, and you must consult the DEC for the current bag limits for each species. Squirrels are not listed on the regulations as trophy animals. However, the Lake family enjoys taking the outdoors and hunting squirrels for its own enjoyment. They don’t hunt for trophy animals. They do, however, pursue the game for its delicious meat.

Regulations for trapping ohio squirrels

There are certain rules and regulations to follow when trapping squirrels, but you may not have to worry about getting into legal trouble. While squirrels are typically considered game animals in most jurisdictions, you may need a permit or a special license to trap them. In addition, some jurisdictions do not allow trappers to release trapped animals, so you need to be aware of these laws before you set out to trap your first squirrel. If you’ve been observing squirrels inside your home or building, you can place your trap near their preferred entrance point.

Before setting out for a hunting trip, you should know the regulations for trapping Ohio squirrels. You must check with the Division of Wildlife to know which seasons are open to trapping in Ohio. These seasons are preliminarily approved during the January meeting, and bag limits are finalized at the April meeting. For more information, visit the Division of Wildlife’s website. And remember to check the seasons and bag limits each year – there is a bounty program for squirrels.

Electronic game calls allowed in ohio during ohio squirrel season

You are allowed to use an electronic game call during Ohio squirrel season, and a hunter may use as many as six calls a day. The season opens on September 1 and runs through Jan. 31, 2022. You may not use your electronic game calls to call in animals on private land, but they are allowed in Ohio during squirrel season. If you’re thinking about using an electronic game call during Ohio squirrel season, make sure it is registered with the state’s wildlife office.

In addition to electronic game calls, you are also allowed to use decoys, crow and turkey hunting equipment, as well as firearms. The firearms that you can use for hunting are: longbow, compound bow or recurve, crossbow, airgun, or rifle of any caliber or 10 guage. It is illegal to use a shotgun for squirrel hunting in Ohio. However, migratory birds and turkeys are allowed to be hunted with firearms. Crows and turkeys may be hunted with shotshells, but not electronic game calls.

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