When Is Ohio Squirrel Season

When is Ohio Squirrel Season?

When is the squirrel hunting season in Ohio? If you are planning to take a shot at this species, you may want to know the rules and regulations first. You must have a hunting license in Ohio, and you should follow the rules and regulations of the state before hunting squirrels. In addition, you must have permission before euthanizing squirrels that are caught in traps. Here is a list of important dates for squirrel hunting in Ohio.

Getting a hunting license

The Ohio Division of Wildlife manages 5,090 acres in the state, and this is the perfect time to get out and start stalking squirrels. The squirrel is a common, tasty meal for people of all ages, and the best part of the hunt is that squirrels can be found year-round, so this is the perfect time to introduce youth to the sport of hunting. In fact, the Ohio Division of Wildlife recently made changes to bag limits for 2020-2021. These changes were made after deer hunters and farmers surveyed the number of squirrels in various areas.

The first step is to obtain a hunting license. An apprentice license lasts for three years, and you need to show proof of taking an Ohio Hunter Education course. An apprentice license is valid for three years, and it is the easiest way to start hunting in Ohio. Once you have completed the course, your license is valid for three years. The apprentice license is a good option for first-timers and those who don’t want to invest a lot of money on a hunting license.

When hunting on public land, safety is a top priority. Be aware of other hunters and move away from them if you spot them. Similarly, never shoot an unknown game. Always keep your weapon pointed in a safe direction. Additionally, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources also has a list of rules that govern how you can hunt squirrels. A hunting license is required if you plan on trapping a squirrel.

Best time to hunt squirrels in Ohio

The best time to hunt squirrels in Ohio is in the fall, between the second and fourth hours of the day. This is because squirrels are active in the morning and late at night. This allows hunters to stockpile food for the cold months ahead. In addition, hunters can also use the squirrel season to take young hunters on hunting trips and scout for wild turkeys later in the fall. Nevertheless, the season does have its drawbacks.

In Ohio, the squirrel season begins in September and lasts until January 31. While this season is long, hunters will be able to take advantage of favorable hunting conditions. There is no need to wake up at 4:30 a.m. or rush to the forest at dawn, as squirrel hunting does not require much planning. Ohioans do not need a hunting license, but they should get a fur taker permit to hunt the squirrels. It is not advised to feed the squirrels, as this may lead to conflict between humans and wildlife.

The best time to hunt squirrels in Ohio is between late September and early January. The legal hunting hours are half an hour before sunrise and sunset daily. They are legal to hunt for all three species, black, and gray. Ohio’s squirrel hunting season lasts until Jan. 31. The only exception to this rule is Dec. 2-8, which coincides with the state’s deer gun season. In other words, the best time to hunt squirrels in Ohio is when you see them – the most likely time to kill them!

Permission required to euthanize squirrels caught in a trap

While live-trapping a squirrel is generally legal in Ohio, there are a few regulations regarding their removal. First of all, you need permission from the landowner if you’d like to euthanize the animal. Depending on the situation, the permission may need to be in the form of a letter or permit. Also, you need to follow the proper procedures and follow the regulations to avoid any legal pitfalls.

In Ohio, you must obtain permission from the Division of Wildlife before euthanizing squirrels caught in a trap. This license is necessary if you’re releasing a squirrel into the wild. In addition, you’ll need to make sure that the animal’s release location is outside of the city’s limits. Additionally, you’ll need to have the animal’s owner’s name, customer identification number, and license number on the trap.

In Ohio, it’s illegal to release wild animals into the wild without permission. It’s illegal to trap animals in Ohio without a permit, and you need permission in order to do so. You can use snares or traps to catch a squirrel, but you have to release them on your property if you’re not a homeowner.

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