When Is Squirrel Hunting Season In Florida

When is Squirrel Hunting Season in Florida?

When is squirrel hunting season in Florida? Gray squirrel hunting season starts on Saturday, and it runs through March 2, 2014, on private land. This rodent, from the squirrel family, is about 20 inches long, and spends most of its time on trees. For hunters who are hunting on wildlife management areas, they should check the FWC open dates to see when those areas are open. Fox squirrel hunting season begins March 2, and it’s open to the public through March 16. These are larger than gray squirrels and have a cinnamon colored belly and tail.

Gray squirrels

For those who want to get out in nature but are pressed for time, hunting gray squirrels and rabbits can provide an excellent introduction to hunting. Hunting gray squirrels is a great way to recruit new hunters and pass on the hunting heritage. It’s also an excellent way for busy individuals to get out and enjoy the outdoors without a lot of planning and gear. All you need to prepare is a good spot and a shotgun or.22-caliber rifle.

When hunting gray squirrels, keep in mind that you’re not aiming for the big ones; instead, target the smaller, more vulnerable species. These squirrels are found in southern Quebec and extend to Ontario, Florida, and eastern Texas. These animals have been introduced into Vancouver Island and British Columbia. The gray squirrel can have two litters per year. These little rodents are vocal, and can be heard buzzing, wailing, and squealing to communicate with each other.


When is squirrel hunting season in Florida? The Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) regulates the squirrel hunting seasons. Some wildlife management areas allow hunters to hunt fox squirrels, but not for the sake of hunting them. Contact the FWC for specific dates and bag limits, and check out tips for taking great pictures. Then you’ll be all set! Here’s how to prepare for your hunt:

First, know the species. Gray squirrels are part of the rodent family, and are about 20 inches long. This species of squirrel is a common resident of Florida woodlands. They spend most of their time on trees. Be aware of the season dates on wildlife management areas, since these may be different from private lands. You can also target the larger fox squirrel, which has a cinnamon-colored belly.


Woodcock is one of Florida’s most common wildlife. While these birds can be found throughout the state, you’ll likely have the best luck hunting them in central and northern Florida. Woodcock is a great target for hunters who like to use their pointing bird dogs. Once flushed, this species is difficult to kill, so be sure to use the right method of stalking to make the most of your time.

Gray squirrels are available in most areas of Florida, and the season lasts several months. You can typically harvest four to six squirrels per day. This hunt is popular with both beginners and veteran hunters alike. You can find these creatures in private lands and wildlife management areas, which often have limited access to public lands. This way, you can be sure to get the best pictures possible. But make sure to check the regulations first.


The state of Florida regulates squirrel hunting. The season begins Oct. 6 and ends Oct. 29. Hunters must have a hunting license and a permit from the area administration before heading out to look for squirrels. While hunting squirrels requires a license, it is cheaper to go rabbit or grey squirrel hunting instead. Here are some tips to make your hunt as successful as possible:

The state of Florida offers a number of different hunting options. Small game hunting is legal on federal, state, and private land. If you’re looking to hunt gray squirrels, you should head to the state marshes. There, you can take advantage of the state’s numerous public boat ramps. Make sure you know the hunting regulations for private property, as well. Typically, you’ll need to be at least 15 years old to participate in this activity.

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