When Is Squirrel Hunting Season In Massachusetts

When is Squirrel Hunting Season in Massachusetts? When Is Squirrel Hunting Season In Massachusetts

When is squirrel hunting season in Massachusetts? There are four different seasons based on the zone you live in. Find out when these seasons start and end. This article will explain which dates are best for squirrel hunting in Massachusetts. You can also search the Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game for season dates in your area. There are many benefits to being a squirrel hunter, so be sure to read it thoroughly.

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The Fall squirrel hunting season in Massachusetts is one of the best times of year for catching these little guys. You’ll find them in beech trees, which have an abundance of nuts. While most squirrel hunting in Massachusetts is done at dusk and dawn, there are some exceptions. It’s best to start hunting in the morning when the squirrels are most active, around half an hour after the sun rises. They’ll drink water fast, curling their tongues to catch the water.

The state’s division of fisheries and game sets the dates for hunting seasons, and the department of fish and game oversees licenses. Before obtaining a hunting license, you must pay a Wildlands Conservation Fee. Every license you buy must also contain a non-resident license Stamp. Hunters who are 15 or older need to have a license, and those with licenses issued before 2007 must also have a certificate of Basic Hunter Education.


The state has an open season on gray and red squirrels in winter, but there is a catch: the state has not yet established a specific date for the hunting of either species. The state has a long history of managing its wildlife, and turkeys were reintroduced to select areas of the state in the 1970s. During certain times of the year, they are abundant in the state, and some people may argue that they are not endangered, but the truth is that everything has a place in the food chain.

While ducks are hunted year round, geese are typically hunted from the beginning of the migratory season in September or October. While it’s legal to hunt any of these species in Massachusetts, it’s illegal to poison, trap, or move live animals without the permission of a landowner. In most cases, however, you’ll need to seek permission before pursuing squirrel hunting.


There are a few months in the year when you can enjoy the joys of gray squirrel hunting in Massachusetts. This is especially true for squirrel hunters in the state of Massachusetts, which has a long season of fall and winter squirrel hunting. The best time to go squirrel hunting in Massachusetts is in the fall, when the leaves are changing and the weather is cool and sunny. Here are a few things to keep in mind during the season.

The best times to hunt for squirrels are two to three hours after sunrise and a few hours before sunset. While they can be seen anytime, they appear to be most active at these times. This is because they are most active in the morning and in the late afternoon, when the moonlight is bright. It is also recommended to go out after a long night to avoid the hot temperatures during the day. It’s also possible to spot squirrels during a light rain or drizzle, as well as after a heavy storm. Keep in mind that squirrels usually don’t hunt during snowstorms, but they will be searching for nuts hidden in the fallen leaves and in trees that are still dry.


It is summertime in Massachusetts, and that means that the squirrel hunting season is open. The best time to hunt squirrels is from three hours after dawn to two hours before sunset. You can also find them in dense foliage and along the shady sides of older trees. Summertime is a good time to go hunting with dogs, but don’t forget to bring water for your pet. Here are some tips to help you find the squirrels:

If you have a trap, put some peanut butter or sunflower seeds in it. Gray squirrels are a favorite food of people who love peanut butter, and they are active all year long. During the summer months, they turn to a tawny gray color. They also change color twice a year. In winter, they become silver gray. Massachusetts also allows hunters to take crows, but they must wear a blaze orange hat and have their original entrance blocked.

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