When Is Squirrel Season Alabama

When is Squirrel Season in Alabama? When Is Squirrel Season Alabama

If you’re wondering when is squirrel season in Alabama, read this article. In Alabama, you can hunt squirrels, water oaks, hogs, and sandhill cranes. If you’re looking for more information, check out our other articles. They’ll give you the details you need to know about the various species. And while you’re here, you can buy the necessary hunting equipment and paper bags for squirrel hunts.

Hunting fox squirrels

If you’re interested in hunting fox squirrels in Alabama, you’ll find ample opportunities to do so in public lands. While the gray squirrel prefers areas with hardwood trees, the fox squirrel is not as nimble and typically gravitates toward open areas with pine and mixed hardwoods. Fortunately, Alabama has a great number of these animals, making the experience an enjoyable one for all involved.

A fox squirrel’s coat color varies widely, with a range of gray on its back and neck. It is usually yellow to rust-orange in color, with white on its face and ears. It is active later in the day than the grey squirrel and requires patience and luck to hunt. You can also shoot one if it approaches your trap or tree. In Alabama, you can hunt fox squirrels on a single tree.

Hunting hogs

Feral hogs can quickly become out of control, particularly in areas where they can find plenty of water and food. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, feral hogs injure and destroy millions of acres of crops, pastures, and other natural resources across the state. Fortunately, hunters can help to keep hog populations under control by harvesting these animals. Here are some tips for hunting feral hogs in Alabama.

First, make sure you are on the right side of the law. Alabama’s laws restrict hunting of feral hogs and white-tailed deer during certain times of the year. However, this rule does not apply to waterfowl and feral pigs, so it’s still illegal to bait these animals on public lands. Lastly, a valid Alabama hunting license is required for this activity. You also need written permission from the landowner if you hunt on their land.

Hunting water oaks

If you’re looking for a good squirrel hunt in Alabama, you’ll want to take advantage of the abundant fall wildlife. Many hunters take to the woods every fall to seek out gray squirrels. While these rodents can be a nuisance when they invade attics and backyard birdfeeders, they are also quite a treat to watch and photograph. In fact, many people enjoy the aerial antics of gray squirrels!

To be successful hunting a squirrel, you must be close to the source of water. Branches growing near a source of water are more likely to produce large quantities of nuts and fruit. Wear knee-high boots or hip-waders, and search for signs of squirrel activity. Broken acorns, nuts, or bark under the tree are sure signs of squirrel activity. These signs will help you locate the squirrels and get closer to them.

Hunting sandhill cranes

You may have heard about Alabama’s sandhill crane hunting season, but how do you actually go about it? The first step is to find out about the season’s regulations. The state’s Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division (WFF) will conduct aerial surveys to determine sandhill crane hunting opportunities. The WFF will then randomly issue 400 tags to hunters who qualify for them. Applicants must be at least 16 years old and hold a valid hunting license. If you’re lucky, you may be drawn to hunt up to three sandhill cranes each day.

During sandhill crane hunting season, you’ll need a special permit. This permit will last up to one year and requires you to complete a post-season survey. The reason is simple: if you fail to do it, you will not be eligible for future drawings. While the USFWS requires WFFs to have a post-season survey requirement, Maddox credits hunters for helping to recover sandhill crane populations and habitats. And Alabama is a hunting paradise for hunters of all kinds. There are abundant populations of deer, hogs, rabbit, and coyotes in Alabama.

When is squirrel season in Alabama?

October 15- February 15

How many squirrels can you kill in a day during season?

no limit

Where in Alabama is squirrel season?


Must you have a license to hunt squirrels in Alabama?

Yes all hunters must have a valid license

What is the minimum age to hunt squirrels in Alabama?

12 years old

What are the legal hours to hunt squirrels in Alabama?

sunrise to sunset

What type of weapon can be used to hunt squirrels in Alabama?

any legal weapon

What is the bag limit for squirrels in Alabama?

no limit

Can you bait squirrels in Alabama?


What is the definition of a baited area in Alabama?

An area where grain salt minerals fruits vegetables nuts hay shelled corn unharvested crops or other food products capable of luring attracting or enticing such game are present

Can you shoot from a vehicle while squirrel hunting in Alabama?


Can you shoot from a public road while squirrel hunting in Alabama?


Can you use artificial light to hunt squirrels in Alabama?


What is the penalty for spotlighting deer while squirrel hunting in Alabama?

Up to $500 fine and/or up to 3 months in jail

Can you use a suppressor while hunting squirrels in Alabama?


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