When is Squirrel Season in Arizona?

From October to November, it’s legal to hunt them. The first season is Oct. 16 and runs until Nov. 8, but don’t wait until then to get your hunt on! Tree squirrel hunting is open statewide except for the area of the state known as Hunt Management Unit 7M. All tree squirrel species, except the Mount Graham red squirrel, can be harvested. This year’s survey is intended to gauge recruitment and compare it to what hunters have killed over the past few years.

Squirrel Season In Arizona

In eastern Arizona, it’s the first week of March. This is the most popular time of the year to go out and hunt. Squirrel hunting in the fall is a tradition that attracts many hunters. Some hunters prefer scouting while others hunt exclusively for small games. In either case, the weather has been ideal for a squirrel hunt.

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A typical hunter spends three days in the woods and bags six squirrels. The hunting season in eastern Arizona runs from April to May. There are also many opportunities to take a mountain lion in the fall. These animals are considered to be among the most common animals in the state and are available in several locations. In order to go out and stalk them, you must first determine the proper zone for your area.

The hunt season for squirrels in Arizona is held in two different zones. Some are closed in February while others are closed during the winter months. It is best to call ahead of time to check on the seasons and to report kills. There are some species of tree squirrels that are restricted to archery only. These tags are for hunters who are using bows and arrows to take them. You must check these regulations to make sure that you’re not violating any laws.

In southern Arizona, there are two types of a squirrel. The Abert squirrel is three times larger than Cooper’s squirrel. This species is the most common in the state and can be found in tall pine trees. They prefer ponderosa pine trees and have bushy tails. They can be seen from far away. If you’re lucky, they can be shot with a snippet of gunfire.

The Abert’s Squirrel is another tree squirrel with a distinctive appearance. The Abert’s Squirreling has grayish-black tufts on its head and rusty brown fur on its back and sides. The tail of the species is white. Its average length is about 20 inches. You can expect to shoot six to eight of these adorable creatures. You may even encounter some that are twice your size.

A few types of squirrels are common in the fall. In the eastern part of Arizona, however, the Abert’s Squirrel is the most unique species of tree squirrel. Its grayish-black tufts are found on its head and back, and its white belly is covered with gray fur. Its average length is about 20 inches. The season ends when it is time to hunt for a trophy.

The Abert’s Squirrel is one of the most unusual types of tree squirrel. Its fur is a deep rusty color with gray-black tufts on the head. Its body is slender, with a gray tail and a greyish belly. Its size is about 16 inches long. While this species isn’t particularly rare, it can still be a challenging hunt to pull off.

Final Thoughts

The Arizona gray squirrel is a distinctive species of gray fur with a white to cream belly and white-edged tail. Its habitat is in the mountain ranges of central and southeastern Arizona. Its population is usually low, but a few of these species are prized for their small size. Some of the more popular tree squirrels are the tassel-eared tree squirrel, and the tassel-eared one is the least.

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