When Is Squirrel Season In Iowa?

When Is Squirrel Season In Iowa?

Squirrel hunting season in Iowa runs from Sept. 2 through Jan. 31, and the bag limit is six red fox or eight eastern grey squirrels per day. Cottontail rabbits are also legal to hunt, but a bag limit of 20 is allowed per day. You may use blaze orange clothing while hunting rabbits, but you’re not required to. The state conducts an annual roadside survey of upland species in August to determine the population of cottontails.

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Squirrels can also be found in gardens and backyards. Many urban areas have a large population of rabbits, and Iowa is no different. A recent survey showed by an upland wildlife research biologist showed that twenty-five thousand Iowans and Iowa’s cottontail rabbit hunters harvested more than 123,000 cottontail rabbits last year. The best time to hunt is in the early morning when squirrels are most active. The bag limit is 10 rabbits per day, but if you’re with a group, a smaller bag is ideal. The hunters should be wearing blaze orange clothing . The hunting season runs from sunrise to sunset, and you’ll need to be well-prepared to avoid being hit by these flying pests.

Hunting Season In Iowa

According to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, squirrel hunting season lasts from Sept. 5 to Jan. 31. In some areas, the season extends past that point, and you must wear solid blaze orange apparel. The more blaze orange you wear, the better. If you’re planning on hunting deer with firearms, be sure to wear plenty of blaze orange and other protective gear. You should also keep your pets safe by keeping them inside.

Squirrels are one of the most common animals in Iowa, so you need to keep an eye out for them. If you’re planning a hunt, you can check the weather forecast, Iowa’s Online Hunting Atlas and plan accordingly. The coldest time for squirrel hunting is between September total season and November. However, if the weather is too blustery, it’s a good idea to go during a cold spell.

During early spring, squirrels are very active at sunrise and sunset, so early morning is prime hunting time. While the early morning hours are prime time for squirrel hunting, it’s important to dress appropriately. Remember that the squirrels are most active in the morning, so it’s essential to be prepared for them. Then, you can go to the field to spot spring turkeys and whitetail deer before bow season.

You must be a resident of Iowa to hunt squirrels. You need to have a valid Iowa hunting license if you want to hunt. In addition, you need to pay the Wildlife Habitat Fee if you are a non-resident. If you’re under 16 years old or in a group of novice hunters, you need to have a licensed adult with you to accompany you. If you’re not a resident, you need a youth or non-resident hunting license to hunt.

The best times to hunt squirrels are early and mid-fall, when they are most active. It’s important to keep in mind that the season in Iowa is open year-round, and a hunter can hunt as many squirrels as they want. Iowa’s squirrel population generally follows the acorn production and last year saw good production statewide, with white oak and bur oak leading the way. The bag limit for wild squirrels is six a day. The daily bag limit is also six for domestic rabbits. In both states, there are no restrictions when it comes to hunting rabbits. Iowa’s cottontail rabbit population estimates are included in the recently completed August roadside survey of upland wildlife species.

The best time to hunt for rabbits, however, is in the middle of winter. The first snow can be found in Iowa in mid-October. The season is open for the entire fall. You can hunt for grey, and red fox squirrels. For tree squirrels, there is no bag limit. The only restriction on the number of squirrels you can own is the size of your bag.

In Conclusion

You can shoot squirrels in Iowa during any time of year, but there are limits on the species you can hunt. While hunting for both gray squirrels and fox squirrels is legal, there are strict restrictions for fox. Only one squirrel per person is allowed per day. It is also possible to shoot a large number of birds.

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