When Is Squirrel Season In Kentucky

When Is Squirrel Season In Kentucky?when-is-squirrel-season-in-kentucky-2

When is squirrel season in Kentucky? If you want to see some squirrels in your yard, read on! Here are some tips to get you started! Learn about Gray, Fox, Mulberry, and Red squirrels. Then, plan your hunt around these times! These are the most active times of day for squirrels. And, they’re more comfortable! Keep reading for more tips and advice! When Is Squirrel Season In Kentucky?

Gray squirrel

Gray squirrels are a great game animal in Kentucky. While they are not the most common animals, they are an important part of Kentucky’s ecosystem and are considered a game animal. Kentucky has three species of tree squirrels: the gray, the fox, and the flying squirrel. All three species are brownish and gray in color, with a white belly. Unlike most mammals, gray squirrels are not very brightly colored and can be difficult to spot. In some regions of Kentucky, however, white-tailed tree squirrels are sometimes seen.

Hunters in Kentucky can choose to hunt grey and fox squirrels during their fall and spring seasons. During these seasons, they may use a variety of hunting equipment, including rimfire rifles, muzzle-loading shotguns, and crossbows. The legal limit for each species is six per day. However, hunters using archery gear are allowed to harvest up to 12 squirrels in a single hunt.

Fox squirrel

If you are a Kentucky sportsman, you may be wondering, “When is fox squirrel season in Kentucky?” The answer depends on the species you’re looking for. Kentucky has both gray and fox squirrels. Gray squirrels are the most common species, and are found in the western half of the state. The gray squirrel is more plentiful than the fox squirrel, but if you’re trying to kill a fox, you should keep your distance.

If you’re a Kentucky hunter, you may be wondering “When is fox squirrel season?” There are a couple of ways to get a glimpse of the little guys. One way is to use commercially made calls. Old-time hunters would use coins or other items that mimicked chatter while feeding. Another way to clean a squirrel is to shave the fur from the meat. There are several ways to clean the animal, including rubbing it with a cloth and applying the skin to prevent hair from getting on the meat.

Red squirrel

The fall season for hunting red squirrels in Kentucky opens on Aug. 20 and runs through Nov. 11. The season also includes February 29. Kentucky has about 11.9 million acres of forested land. It is not unusual to see this solitary animal wandering the woods. It has a distinct appearance and is often easy to spot. Its distinctive chattering call will alert you to its presence. It is one of the state’s most common wildlife species.

Hunting for squirrels in Kentucky is popular during fall. The early morning hours are the best time to take advantage of the squirrel’s active behavior. The first three hours after dawn are coolest and most comfortable for the hunter. Hunters can make use of squirrel calls sold commercially, but older hunters used coins to mimic feeding chatter. If you are going to harvest a squirrel, be sure to wash it thoroughly to remove the hair that will land on your meat.


Squirrel season begins on the third Saturday of August. While the lakes are bath water-temperature and the fish have gone nocturnal, the woodlands are alive with the chatter of squirrels. The Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife publishes dates of the season. Depending on the area of Kentucky, the seasons can be long or short. For the most part, though, the best time to hunt squirrels is in the spring.

During the early part of the season, you can hunt aggressively for squirrels. The first three hours of the day are coolest and squirrels are most active. In addition, these are the times when hunters feel more comfortable. And don’t forget the mulberry trees. These trees are the X factor in the spring squirrel hunting season. If you want to maximize your chances of success, try hunting during these times.

Red fox

If you’re a hunting fanatic, you’re probably wondering “When is squirrel season in Kentucky?” While you can’t catch a live squirrel, you can still attract the animal’s attention to your yard by keeping an eye out for the little guys. The early spring months are a good time to hunt for squirrels. You can use squirrel calls, which are available commercially. You can also use a coin to imitate a feeding chatter. When hunting for a squirrel, make sure to clean the animal thoroughly, to minimize the hair on your meat.

While there are no exact dates, the traditional squirrel season begins on the third Saturday in August. This year, that’s Aug. 21. As for dove season, it begins on Sept. 1. Kentucky has three distinct seasons for this game: early fall, late fall, and winter. Each of these seasons has their own set of rules and regulations. Generally, the first two are for hunting squirrels in the wild. When is squirrel season in Kentucky?

Eastern gray squirrel

You can hunt for Eastern gray squirrels during their breeding season from November to February. While they’re usually active in the morning, they can also be found in the evenings and early mornings. They feed primarily on nuts and seeds, so early season hunting may be associated with hickory and walnut trees, while late season is associated with acorns and beechnuts. To increase your chances of success, keep a constant pace while approaching them.

The Eastern Gray Squirrel is a small mammal with a home range of 2 to seven acres. They can hide food in trees and store it for the winter, and it is a common prey for cats and dogs. It is therefore not uncommon to see this critter in Kentucky, where regulated hunting is allowed in the spring and fall. The animal is an important small game mammal, and the state’s laws have strict regulations governing the season.


What is the earliest date that squirrel season can begin in Kentucky?

September 1st


How many squirrels can a hunter bag in a day?



What is the latest date that squirrel season can end in Kentucky?

January 31st


What is the minimum age to hunt squirrels in Kentucky?



What caliber of gun may be used to hunt squirrels in Kentucky?




Is it legal to bait squirrels in Kentucky?



How many permits does a hunter need to purchase to hunt squirrels in Kentucky?



What does a permit to hunt squirrels in Kentucky cost?



What other animals may be hunted during squirrel season in Kentucky?

Raccoons opossums beavers coyotes groundhogs weasels skunks and nutria


What other animals may NOT be hunted during squirrel season in Kentucky?

Deer wild turkey elk quail doves and rabbits


What is the bag limit for raccoons in Kentucky?



What is the bag limit for opossums in Kentucky?



What is the bag limit for beavers in Kentucky?



What is the bag limit for coyotes in Kentucky?

No limit


What is the bag limit for groundhogs in Kentucky?


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