When Is Squirrel Season In Kentucky?

When Is Squirrel Season In Kentucky?


Kentucky State Wild Game Animal | Gray Squirrel

Squirrel hunting is one of the most enjoyable activities during spring because the squirrels are most active during the coolest part of the day. However, spring can be a difficult time to find a good shot. The greenery around trees will distract you from the animals, so a steady approach is recommended. The first three hours after dawn are the best times to hunt if you want to be successful.

Squirrel Season in Kentucky is regulated by the state’s Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. Squirrel season in the spring in Kentucky starts on May 19 and ends on June 21. A licensed trapper must have a license and be 12 or older. They must harvest the wildlife that they capture during the designated hours. While squirrel hunting is popular in the state of Michigan, there are many other states that regulate when and how to hunt squirrels.

While gray and fox squirrels are similar in appearance, they are smaller and lighter. The former prefer wooded areas, while fox squirrels prefer open terrain. Both species inhabit the state, but the gray squirrels are favored by hunters because of their coloration. In the spring, the best time to hunt for squirrels is in September and October, when the trees are heavily covered with acorns. Regardless of the season, the best place to find a large number of squirrels is around a nut-bearing tree.

In Kentucky, there are several different hunting seasons. You can hunt for squirrels with a shotgun or an archery weapon. If you’re planning to use a firearm, you’ll need to have a license. During the fall and spring, the hunting season is light, so you can hunt them with little or no pressure. Shooting hours in Kentucky are 30 minutes before sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset.

In spring, squirrels prefer woodland habitats and large cedar trees. In the summer, they also prefer berries, mushrooms, and insects, which make spring a great time for squirrel hunting. While hunting in Kentucky is a favorite pastime for many, the spring season has the least pressure. It’s a good time for hunters to catch a large number of squirrels. It’s a great time to visit rural areas and enjoy the natural beauty of nature.

Hunting for squirrels is an ancient tradition. The first settlers in Kentucky were legally bound to hunt bushy tails, which are now a protected species. During this time, the early season corresponds with early hickory and walnut trees, while the late season is associated with acorns and beechnuts. These trees are essential for the survival of the squirrels.

Squirrels can be abundant at any given time. They are not protected, but they are a common part of the landscape. The average lifespan of a squirrel is approximately two years. The hunted animal is a good target for most hunters, but it can also be dangerous. Hence, it is recommended to use caution when shooting in the spring and fall. If you want to kill a squirrel, you must know the rules of the game.

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Squirrel Season is a very popular time to hunt squirrels in Kentucky. Squirrels are small and furry creatures that can be found in forests and woodlands. Squirrels are often very active at dawn and at dusk. They are usually most active in the morning and late afternoon. They will usually stay around one to three feet tall.

Squirrel hunting in Kentucky is a centuries-old tradition. During the 1700s, the population of these creatures was so high that settlers were legally obliged to hunt them. Their bushy tails were a problem for farmers, so they were considered a pest. Fortunately, this abundant population of squirrels made their way into the cooking of the pioneers, who dubbed the dish “burgoo.”

Squirrel hunting in Kentucky occurs in the fall. The fall squirrel season lasts 193 days and is the longest in the state. It is open all year round and is widely available in public forests. Each public hunting tract in the state is a good place to hunt squirrels. The daily bag limit is six while the possession limit is twelve. Squirrel hunting in Kentucky is a great sport for many reasons.

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