When Is Squirrel Season In Kitsap County

When is Squirrel Season in Kitsap County? when-is-squirrel-season-in-kitsap-county

If you’ve ever wondered when is squirrel season in Kitsap County, you’re not alone. There are hundreds of states that have their own squirrel seasons, and these species can be found right on the Kitsap Peninsula. To learn more about the different species that call Kitsap County home, check out these websites. You’ll find information on their habitats and requirements, as well as their breeding season.


You may have been wondering: When is squirrel season in Kitap County? There are many variables to consider, such as the types of food that squirrels eat. And while it is easy to get confused about which season is right for you, knowing the exact dates is crucial for planning your next trip. Below is a guide to help you decide when the best time to go out and hunt. Hopefully, you’ll be able to catch a few squirrels this year!


The habitat of squirrels in Kitsap County varies from place to place. There are thirteen species of squirrels and twenty members of the Sciuridae family found in the state. Of these species, Eastern Grays are the most common ones found in this area, and are not native to the state. If you are interested in seeing squirrels in your yard, visit the Wildlife in Your Backyard website for detailed information.

Habitat requirements

A study by Sara Gregory and WDFW scientists revealed the unique habitat requirements of gray squirrels in Kitsap County. These creatures thrive in a forest with a mix of pine and conifer species. They are 11 to 14 inches long and weigh 7 ounces. They eat seeds, nuts, and fruit from cone-bearing trees and prefer the sheltered branches of oak trees.

Mating season

Squirrels have two mating seasons in Kitap County: the first, in late December into February, occurs in warm climates, and the second, in late May to early July, in colder climates. Females typically bear a litter of one to two kits each year. Females spend six weeks nursing and raising the kits, cleaning them, and removing droppings from the nest.

Hunting hours

Kitsap County will open black-tailed deer hunting season on Oct. 13. While centerfire rifles aren’t allowed in this area, shotguns and slugs are. You must use No. 4 shot or a slug. This year, you can hunt for both black-tailed deer and squirrels in this county. Hunting hours for squirrels in Kitap County begin at noon on Oct. 13 and end at midnight on the following day.

Bag limits

During squirrel season, hunters can legally take up to two pounds of this popular game animal. Bag limits for squirrels in Kitap County vary depending on the zone. North-central hunters may take up to two squirrels a day, while hunters in the northwest can take up to two each day during Dec. 4 and 28. Hunting crows on posted property does require written permission from the landowner. Hunters may also take groundhogs.

Common species

Among the most common species of squirrels in Kitap County are the gray-and-brown Eastern Gray Squirrels. These squirrels were introduced to the Pacific Northwest and other parts of the United States by man. They have white bellies and silver-tipped tails. They are smaller than native Western Gray Squirrels, and can be found in many urban areas. However, these rodents are often mistaken for common house cats and pets, and their snoring is not to be taken seriously.

Common species in Kitsap County

Besides eating a variety of different fruits and vegetables, the most common species of squirrels in Kitsap is the Douglas Squirrel. These furry little creatures live in forests and typically build their nests in tree holes or underground. Douglas Squirrels mate in late February or early April and give birth a month later. Their young remain with their mother for their first year of life.

When is squirrel season in maryland

When is squirrel season in Kitsap County in Kitsap County?

Answer: The date changes every year but it generally opens the last Saturday in September and runs through the end of February.

How many squirrels can I kill per day?

Answer: You are allowed to kill up to 5 squirrels per day.

What types of weapons are allowed to be used during squirrel season?

Answer: You are allowed to use firearms archery equipment or falconry to take squirrels.

Where can I find a list of areas that are open to squirrel hunting?

Answer: A list of areas open to squirrel hunting can be found on the WDFW website.

What are the hours I am allowed to hunt squirrels?

Answer: Squirrel hunting hours are the same as general hunting hours which are one half-hour before sunrise to one half-hour after sunset.

Do I need a hunting license to hunt squirrels?

Answer: In order to hunt squirrels you must have a valid hunting license.

I am not a Washington resident can I still hunt squirrels in the state?

Answer: You must have a Washington hunting license in order to hunt in the state regardless of residency.

I want to use my shotgun to hunt squirrels what size shot do I need?

Answer: You are required to use shot sizes no larger than T or smaller when hunting squirrels with a shotgun.

Can I bait squirrels?

Answer: No it is illegal to bait animals while hunting in Washington State.

Can I use lights to hunt squirrels at night?

Answer: No it is illegal to use artificial lights to take any game animals in Washington.

Can I trap squirrels?

Answer: Yes you are allowed to use cage-type live traps to take squirrels.

What is the minimum age to hunt squirrels in Washington?

Answer: You must be at least 10 years old to hunt squirrels in Washington State.

I am a disabled veteran do I need to purchase a hunting license?

Answer: Disabled veterans who are residents of Washington are eligible for a free hunting license.

I am a resident of Washington and I want to hunt squirrels on my own land do I need to purchase a hunting license?

Answer: No if you are a resident of Washington and you are hunting on your own land you do not need to purchase a hunting license.

Can I hunt squirrels with a pellet gun?

Answer: No it is illegal to hunt any game animals with an air rifle or pellet gun in Washington State.

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