When Is Squirrel Season In Ky 2016

When is Squirrel Season in KY 2016?

When is squirrel season in Kentucky? Each year, the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife publishes dates on its website to ensure that you’ll never miss this important hunting season. If you’re a hunter, knowing when squirrel season is can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful hunting experience. Listed below are the seasons in each state in 2016.

Kentucky’s fall squirrel season

Fall squirrel season in Kentucky starts Aug. 16 and runs through Feb. 28. The season is open to all Kentucky residents and extends to all public hunting tracts. During early season, squirrels can be found near nut-producing trees, so scouting for these will help you identify these animals. Keep an eye out for bushytails running around and listen for their calls. Small game biologist Ben Robinson says last year was a good year for squirrels in Kentucky.

The first segment of Kentucky’s fall squirrel season runs from Aug. 17 to Nov. 8, while the second segment runs from Nov. 11 to Feb. 29. In both seasons, the daily bag limit is six squirrels. Squirrel populations in Kentucky are directly related to nut production. While last fall’s white oak nut crop was above average, the beech nut crop failed to produce enough nuts to sustain the population.

Squirrels are among the most popular game in Kentucky. Squirrel hunting is permitted in many areas, including urban areas. Kentucky’s fall squirrel season will run for six and a half months. Traditionally, the season opens Aug. 15 and runs through Feb. 28. It then takes a two-day break for firearms deer season. However, this season is not the only wildlife-hunting season in the state.

Kentucky’s sandhill crane hunting season

When Kentucky’s sandhill crane hunting seasons begin in 2016, hunters will be able to take advantage of a limited number of permits. Each hunter is allowed to take two birds. The season will last from December 17 through January 15, 2017. There are several factors to consider when planning your sandhill crane hunt. The first step is to make sure that you know how many permits are available. Kentucky has a large population of these birds, so limiting the number of permits granted will allow you to maximize your chances of harvesting a flock.

First, keep in mind that sandhill cranes are very elusive and can be difficult to spot. You can’t rely on decoy spreads to fool the birds. They have extremely good eyesight and can easily identify an unnatural spread of decoys. If you want to successfully harvest a crane, you’ll have to make sure your decoys look like a crane!

Second, you need to be aware of the legal implications of allowing this hunting season to start. Many conservation organizations and individuals have expressed concerns about the science behind Kentucky’s management plan. The International Crane Foundation has released a full report on the situation and analyzed Kentucky’s presentation. You can also find out more about Kentucky’s sandhill crane hunting season in 2016.

Kentucky’s elk herd

Many people wonder when the elk herd in Kentucky goes into hiding. Fortunately, there are many ways to see them. You can drive to Jackson, KY to see the largest herd in Kentucky. You can see the elk on a paved road identified as South Fork Elk View. Using a GPS device, you can find the herd.

Approximately 4,000 people gathered in 1997 to watch the first elk eject from horse trailers into a large area. The elk, which are the largest east of the Rocky Mountains, were released to the wild. They have continued to multiply. Applications for the quota elk hunting season are available now through April 30th. The elk season in Kentucky runs from September 10th to January 4th.

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife offers two ways to check in harvested game. First, you must submit your harvested game. The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources’ website allows you to look up the seasons for the elk herd. You’ll find that each zone has its own season dates. However, some animals are more likely to be harvested early in the season. Depending on where you live, you can check in your harvested game on the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources’ website.

Is there a squirrel season in Kentucky?

Yes the squirrel season in Kentucky usually opens the first Saturday in May and extends through February.

How many squirrels can I bag during Kentucky’s season?

The daily limit is eight squirrels per hunter.

What is the best time of day to hunt squirrels?

Many hunters prefer to hunt early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the squirrels are most active.

What kind of weapon can I use during squirrel season in Kentucky?

You can use a shotgun air rifle or a .

22 caliber or smaller rimfire rifle.

What are the best bait to use for squirrel hunting?

Peanuts corn or other nuts are some of the best choices for bait.

Do I need to wear hunter orange during squirrel season?

No there is no legal requirement to wear hunter orange during squirrel season in Kentucky.

Where is the best place to hunt squirrels?

They can be found in woods brushy areas and even in suburban and urban areas.

Do I need a permit to hunt squirrels in Kentucky?

You need a hunting license but there is no special permit needed to hunt squirrels.

What are the hours I can hunt squirrels?

Squirrel hunting hours are from dawn to dusk.

Can I use a trap to hunt squirrels?

No it is illegal to use live traps to take squirrels.

Can I use a dogs to help me hunt squirrels?

Yes dogs can be used to help flush out and chase squirrels.

How can I identify a fox squirrel?

They are the largest squirrel in Kentucky and can be anywhere from 12-20 inches long.

They have reddish brown fur with a large bushy tail.

How can I identify a gray squirrel?

They are the most common squirrel in Kentucky and can be up to 18 inches long.

They have gray fur with a white belly and a long tail.

How can I identify a red squirrel?

They are the smallest squirrel in Kentucky and can be up to 10 inches long.

They have reddish brown fur and a long tail.

What are some of the dangers of hunting squirrels?

Some of the dangers include falls from trees being bitten by a squirrel and exposure to ticks and other parasites.

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