When Is Squirrel Season In Ky

When Is Squirrel Season In Kentucky? When Is Squirrel Season In Ky

When Is Squirrel Season in Kentucky? The spring squirrel hunting season starts on the third Saturday in August and lasts 35 days. Learn when and where to hunt gray and northern fox squirrels. When is squirrel season in Kentucky? It’s easy to miss if you don’t know the exact dates! Here are some tips to help you find them. And remember, the first day of the season is the coolest.

Spring squirrel season begins on the third Saturday of August

If you want to hunt squirrels, spring is the time to start your search. Generally, spring squirrels are not found in the same places they frequent in the fall. For instance, if you’re looking for the first sign of spring squirrel activity, you should head to creek bottoms. Large cedar trees are also a great place to start your search. In addition to nuts and seeds, squirrels like blackberries and grass.

This spring season in Kentucky is split into two separate seasons. The spring season in Kentucky begins on May 16th and lasts until June 19th. The fall season begins two days later on the second Saturday. The winter season is closed in the panhandle and far west Texas. The fall season lasts two weeks, while the spring season lasts for nine months. In Louisiana, the spring season is shorter than most states and begins in late May. You can hunt gray and fox squirrels during spring, as long as you are within certain limits.

Kentucky’s spring squirrel season is 35 days long

The spring squirrel hunting season in Kentucky is a beautiful time to get out into the woods. The woodlands are lush with colorful plants and abundant squirrels. Art Lander, Jr., is the outdoors editor of KyForward magazine. A native Kentuckian, he studied journalism at Western Kentucky University. He has been a lifelong hunter and magazine and newspaper columnist. He has written for Kentucky Afield Outdoors for the past six years.

Squirrels are most active during the morning and late afternoon, although some research shows that they also feed in bright moonlight. The best days to go hunting are those when the weather is warm and there is little or no wind. You may also be able to catch some squirrels during light rain or drizzle. You may even find them on a bare tree stump after a heavy storm. Be prepared to spend several hours searching for squirrels if you’re in a remote area.

How to hunt gray squirrels

If you’re wondering how to hunt grays in Kentucky during squirrel season, you have come to the right place. This guide will teach you how to spot these animals and how to get close enough to get an easy kill. The first step to taking down a squirrel is to scout the area. You can do this by finding trees where grays are tearing down acorns. You can also follow the path of raindrops to know where to find them.

There are three species of tree-smart squirrels that can be found in Kentucky: the eastern gray squirrel, the northern fox, and the flying. The gray squirrel is the most common, weighing approximately one to two pounds. It is gray to brown with a white belly. The fox squirrel is the largest of the three species. It is 18 to 27 inches long, including the bushy tail, and weighs from one to two pounds. The northern fox squirrel is the largest tree-smart squirrel in Kentucky, measuring from 18 to 27 inches long, 1 3/4 to 2 pounds.

Where to hunt northern fox squirrels

Whether you prefer to hunt northern fox squirrels in Kentucky or a semi-developed area, the decision will be based on the type of hunting you plan to do. If you are interested in hunting for a large number of squirrels, the use of a shotgun will be an option. Although a shotgun isn’t lethal over a long distance, it can be very effective at capturing the animals in flight. For best results, hunters should aim for the head when hunting these small creatures.

After determining the area where the squirrels are living, begin stalking the territory. If you spot squirrel activity in a distant tree, you may want to move your position. Keeping a large tree between you and the squirrels will prevent them from recognizing you and allowing you to get into close range. If you find a dense grove of mature trees in the area, head toward those areas. The location where you will find the greatest number of tree-nut bearing trees is an ideal place to start your search.

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