When Is Squirrel Season In Louisiana

When Is Squirrel Season In Louisiana 2022?


The best time to hunt squirrels in Louisiana is late winter. Squirrels can be harvested in the early spring. The late winter is more spring-like, so you can learn the basics while the weather is pleasant. The last few months of the year are prime hunting seasons, so don’t wait until spring! With a little preparation, you can start your season with a successful hunt this year.

When Is Squirrel Season In Louisiana

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While most hunters skip bushy tails and go straight for the horns and sausages of a bigger game, young hunters should spend time cutting teeth on squirrels to get a taste of the woods and prepare themselves for a larger game. While the state is still experiencing the effects of Hurricane Harvey, late winter is a great time to learn the basics of small-game hunting. If you’re thinking about hunting squirrels this year, don’t delay any longer. The early season is the best time to catch the most squirrels.

If you’ve been in the woods since last winter, then you may be wondering, When Is Squirrel Season in Louisiana 2022? After all, you have probably not been out in the woods in a few months. Squirrels are very agile creatures, with good eyesight and hearing. However, even if you have the perfect sneak attack strategy, you should still be cautious.

Hunting Squirrel In Louisiana

If you’re looking for the best opportunities to hunt squirrels, late winter is the best time to go. The squirrel population will be largely unpopulated by mid-February, so late winter is the best time for a great hunt. You’ll find plenty of acorns to harvest as long as you’re prepared.

For many hunters, hunting squirrels in late winter is the best time to hunt for squirrels in the state. The area is vast, and a good spot for a hunt is in the Kasatchie region. Other areas to hunt are the Three Rivers WMA, Bayou Teche NWR, and Sherburne WMA. The LDWF website offers detailed information on these WMAs.

During the fall and winter, squirrels prefer nuts such as wild pecans and walnuts. During the spring and summer, they also eat soft willow bark, acorns, and maple tree buds. During the winter, they feed on pine cones and magnolia trees. These animals are omnivorous and have wide-ranging habitats.

Squirrels in Louisiana can be harvested year-round with a permit. It is possible to take a squirrel in Louisiana during fall and winter by using a shotgun. A permit is valid for thirty days. A squirrel hunting permit must be obtained from the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries office. This permit can only be obtained in person at the Department’s office or a licensed guide.

While gray squirrels are legal to harvest statewide, red squirrels can only be harvested in a few counties. While they are not hunted on private property, they may be taken in the winter. In some areas, they can be harvested by permit. In other areas, however, they are protected by law and cannot be killed. This means that you should be wary of a gray squirrel in the fall.

While gray squirrels are not harvested in Louisiana, they can be taken statewide. The season for red squirrels in Louisiana lasts from October to March. Depending on the location, you may need a permit. Obtaining a permit is easy and can be done online, but you may want to check the regulations before you start shooting. The regulations can be difficult to find and interpret, so it is worth asking the department for more information.


The state of Louisiana has a long history of hunting. In fact, it has a rich history of hunting. the state’s deer hunting season and the laws governing the small game in the state vary. The hunting seasons are controlled by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. While they may be illegal, the regulations are generally the same as those for hogs.

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