When Is Squirrel Season In Louisiana 2019

When is Squirrel Season in Louisiana?

When is squirrel hunting season in Louisiana? You may have a question about limits and the youth squirrel hunt. Find out what the rules are in this article. There’s also information on where to go squirrel hunting in Louisiana. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned hunter, you’ll find the answers to all your questions in this article. You can use the information here to plan your next hunt and maximize your squirrel-hunting experience.

Date of opening of squirrel season in louisiana

The first day of the 2019 Louisiana squirrel hunting season is May 2nd. Depending on the location, you may also be able to find other dates. The daily bag limit is eight squirrels. There are also possession limits of twenty-four. To learn more about the specific dates for the 2019-20 season, refer to the Louisiana Hunting Regulations brochure. Remember that squirrels are most active during mid-winter, so it is important to plan your hunt accordingly.

The opening of squirrel hunting season is a traditional tradition for the Cajun community. Cajuns are descendants of French-speaking Catholics that were forced out of Acadia, a French colony in Nova Scotia. These families settled in Louisiana in the 1760s and found themselves pushed into the wilderness. Because there was abundant wildlife in Louisiana, they remained nourished and survived. The new Cajuns adapted well to their new surroundings.

Limits for hunting squirrels in louisiana

The limits for hunting squirrels in Louisiana in 2019 are similar to previous seasons. The daily bag limit for pintails is one, while that for coots and mergansers is five. The season runs from Nov. 2 to Dec. 8, and from Dec. 9 to 20 and Feb. 10 to March 9. Using a bow and crossbow is permitted, as is the use of an electronic call.

Youths may hunt squirrels on selected WMAs. Those 17 and younger can also hunt rabbit, raccoon, hog, and opossum. However, they must be accompanied by an adult of at least 18 years of age. Neither the youth nor the adult may possess firearms. For those under age 18, the daily bag limit is eight squirrels. If you are a member of the public, however, you may hunt squirrels without a license.

Youth squirrel hunt

The best time for a Youth Squirrel Hunt in Louisiana is the early spring, as the squirrels begin stocking up on food, and they are less active later in the day because they don’t want to attract predators before going to sleep. However, if you’re an experienced hunter, you can try your luck during late summer and early fall. There are also special seasons for veterans and youth.

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has released its official hunting pamphlet for the season, which outlines the seasons and regulations. It’s available from hunting license vendors in August. If you’re planning on going on a youth hunt, make sure to review the regulations and get your youth hunting license before heading out on your own. You’ll be glad you did! It’s fun for the whole family to learn more about wildlife in the state.

Locations for squirrel hunting in louisiana

The beginning of squirrel hunting season in Louisiana is marked by the mass migration to the woods. The season is announced each fall in the state’s hunting regulation guide. Squirrel populations have remained relatively stable across the state, thanks to a good growing season for succulent vegetation, mast crops, and herbaceous plant growth. This bodes well for the 2019 small game season in Louisiana. However, there are still some important regulations you need to adhere to.

Squirrels can be found in many types of habitats, including coastal marshes, river basins, and swamp bottomlands. The most common nuts they eat are acorns, pecans, and hickories. Throughout the season, there are many locations for Louisiana squirrel hunting. If you have never tried a squirrel hunting trip in Louisiana, consider attending one of the several squirrel hunting events this fall.

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