When Is Squirrel Season In Louisiana?

When is Squirrel Season in Louisiana?

While it is not legal to kill squirrels on public land, there are several ways to catch them. In addition to trapping and hunting, eating the meat is also an important part of the Louisiana tradition. Squirrels are a popular snack for hunters and are available during the late January to early February season. The best times to catch them are from Jan. 1 to Feb. 29. If you want to hunt these rodents during the winter, you can get your license at the end of February.

When is Squirrel Season in Louisiana

The hunting season for squirrels is the same as for ducks and quail, but the seasons are different. Squirrel season is open from May 7 to 15. You can hunt for these mammals on public lands in Louisiana between Oct. 15 and Nov. 28. You can use a beagle to kill a squirrel. The hunting season closes on Oct. 30. In addition, rabbit hunting is only allowed between Jan. 7 and Feb. 28.

Squirrels are the state’s top game. The Louisiana small game hunting season runs from May 7 to Sept. 25. Squirrels can be shot with a snide or beagle. It is not legal to use a dog to hunt these animals. However, you can hunt them with a dog. Beagles can be trained to hunt rabbits, squirrels, and foxes.

Before A Squirrel Hunt In Louisiana;

It is important to check with the local regulations before going out squirrel hunting. If you are using a dog, make sure it is licensed for that species. A beagle can hunt for rabbits and squirrels. A fox is not considered a legal game for hunting squirrels in Louisiana. A fox is not considered a small game animal, so you should avoid this type of hunting. If you are planning on using a beagle to chase a squirrel, you can do so as long as it is accompanied by another dog.

Squirrel hunting is not allowed in state parks and wildlife refuges. The season runs from May 7 to March 28. In general, you can use a beagle for squirrel hunting, but you cannot use a dog for deer hunts. You can also hunt with beagles during waterfowl and early teal seasons. For waterfowl, you can only take beagles, so you need to make sure you have both of them when you go.

Spring squirrel hunting is a popular springtime activity. Squirrels can be shot with dogs and beagles. The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has established a special season for squirrel hunting. While this is not a legal option, you can hunt for these creatures on private land. You can also train your dog for rabbit or beagle. The rules for small game hunts are the same as for other types of hunting.

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The spring squirrel season is the best time to hunt for squirrels in Louisiana. The best time to go hunting is in the early fall. The squirrels prefer white oak acorns, but they will eat other kinds of oak nuts as well. Remember to go slow and stay longer to get a better look at the animals. It is best to be prepared. Lastly, choose the right day to go hunting. If it is possible, try to avoid dark areas.

Squirrel hunting in Louisiana is not illegal. You can hunt with dogs and beagles in some public lands as pointed earlier. Just remember to check with your local wildlife agency for any regulations. During the spring, there are a few restrictions that must be followed. For example, hunting with dogs is prohibited at nighttime, so if you go out late at night, don’t use a beagle to track squirrels.

In Conclusion

The best time to hunt for squirrels in Louisiana is during the spring. They prefer to feed on white oak acorns but will also eat the nuts from other oak species. When you hunt, be sure to bring your tools and make sure to go early in the morning. Squirrel hunting can be dangerous, so make sure you know how to protect yourself. While this is a fun activity, you should never attempt to kill it alone.

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