When Is Squirrel Season In North Carolina?

When Is Squirrel Season In North Carolina?


During the fall and winter months, the most suitable time to hunt squirrels is at dawn and dusk. During the spring months, squirrels are active during the day, making it easier to hunt them with a shotgun. You can even stalk within shotgun range during these months. The best times to hunt for these furry critters are in the early morning and dusk hours.

When Is Squirrel Season In North Carolina?

Squirrel hunting is one of the most popular hunting seasons in the state. You can hunt these little creatures with a few tips and tricks. It is best to hunt near a source of water to increase your chances of catching them. Trees that grow alongside water are more likely to have the largest nuts and fruit, so you’ll want to wear knee-high boots or hip-waders while stalking them. Squirrel activity is easy to spot – you’ll see the most acorns or nuts scattered all over the ground. Moreover, they’ll leave a large amount of bark underneath the trees.

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Shotgun Hunting

For people who prefer hunting with shotguns, it’s best to hunt during the fall months. During this time, squirrel movement slows down. They also hibernate during the winter. For this reason, spring is the best time to hunt. The wildlife will be most active during dawn and dusk hours, making it easier to catch them. Using a shotgun is the best option if you live in an area where the squirrel population is lower.

The first two months of fall are the best months to hunt for squirrels in North Carolina. The winter months are the worst months for hunting, as they are resting. During these months, the activity will decrease significantly. The spring months are also the busiest months, so hunters should plan their hunting strategy accordingly. They can even use a bow and arrow to catch squirrels.

In the spring, squirrels will be active throughout the day. You can stalk them with a shotgun during the late spring or early summer. It is also important to note that hickory trees are the best locations to hunt for bushy tails during the winter months. During this season, it will be a good idea to avoid the harshest part of the winter.

There are two main hunting seasons: fox and gray. Both of these seasons last for one month. The limit for the latter is ten per day, and the seasons for both are legal. The fox season is also open to dogs, but most deer hunters will not target squirrels until after deer season has finished. During the latter, the only time you can hunt them is during the spring and fall.

If you are hunting for squirrels in the mountains, you can either use a shotgun or passively stalk them through the woods. While passive and active hunting methods are both effective, both methods require patience and a lot of patience. Regardless of which method you choose, try not to shoot your prey when they’re in motion. This is against the law in North Carolina.

Squirrel hunting in North Carolina can be done both passively and actively. The gray squirrel season runs from Oct. 1 to March 1 and is a 10-day limit, while the fox squirrel season is open to dogs only. You can take them in either of these seasons, but remember that they have different hunting seasons. Whether you’re looking for a fox or gray squirrel, make sure you follow the posted trapping season and regulations.


If you’re in the woods, you can try to watch for squirrels during the winter. However, you must be aware that hunting before the end of January can lead to conflicts with deer hunters. You can also observe the nests of squirrels from a distance. In North Carolina, it’s best to wait until the last month of January to hunt. It’s a good idea to be prepared for some conflict. After the first month of December, the season should end on Jan. 2.

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