When is Squirrel Season in South Carolina?

When is Squirrel Season in South Carolina?

Squirrels are a great addition to any garden or home, and the state of South Carolina has a thriving wildlife industry that can make you wonder when is squirrel season in South Carolina. Generally, the season opens on October 1 and closes on March 1.

You can hunt these critters without weapons as long as you have the proper permits and permission from the landowner. In South Carolina, fox squirrels are prized as trophy mounts and are legal to hunt with a firearm.

The best time to hunt for squirrels is at the beginning of fall when temperatures start to drop. Then, the females will start hunting for food and the males will chase them. Once they’ve mated, the females will give birth to a litter of baby squirrels. The litter grows quickly and the mother will keep the baby safe while the male takes care of the young.

Various Squirrel Season

Early-mid fall is the best time for squirrel hunting since the squirrels are beginning to stock up for the cold months ahead. Typically, most activity occurs early in the morning, when the sun is just rising and the temperature drops. By mid-fall, the temperature starts to drop, and the squirrels will begin to feed in earnest. They’ll also begin to move a lot earlier in the morning, so a good early morning hunt is your best bet.

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Late-season squirrels spend their time caching and retrieving nuts. Once you spot a squirrel, calculate its central position and repeat the same location the next morning. The squirrel will probably forget that you disturbed it the previous morning. Be careful not to scare the squirrels, though, because they’ll try to get away as quickly as possible. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch a beautiful and tasty meal.

The fall months are ideal for squirrel hunting. After that, the squirrels will become quiet and rest, and the spring and summer are busy times for squirrels. The season is most active in the early morning hours, with most of the activity occurring in the early morning. If you’re lucky, you can also try to shoot a flying squirrel. In South Carolina, a buck’s antlers are usually around 12 inches in width and can be up to a quarter-inch in length.

While the spring and autumn seasons are both excellent times for squirrel hunting, the winter months are the best. During this time, gray squirrels have their peak breeding seasons in July and August. They have a single litter of four to five young, and the young are raised in tree dens for five to seven weeks.

Some gray squirrels have a second litter in the summer or autumn months, and this is the reason that you may see small gray squirrels in the fall. The females are very gregarious and don’t display much territoriality.

In general, the peak season for squirrel hunting occurs in January and February. The female gray squirrel bears a litter of four or five young, which are raised in their tree dens for five to seven weeks. Some females may have another litter in July or August, and some may be born in both seasons. When is squirrel season in South Carolina? You’ll find it by looking for tiny brown ones, while others may have more babies in the winter.

In South Carolina, there are two species of squirrels: red and gray. These two species are similar, but reds tend to have more pronounced ear tufts and richer coats. The smallest and most common grays are found in forests and dense forests. They can be a nuisance but are worth the effort.

Fall is the most popular season for hunting gray squirrels. The season is open in all counties in South Carolina. The state’s wildlife resources commission has proposed extending the season to February to protect these animals. During this period, you can hunt gray squirrels with a rifle. In February, you can also hunt fox squirrels on private property. The fall and winter seasons are generally similar. During the summer, fox and red squirrels both have the same range and diet.

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