When Is The Last Day Of Squirrel Season

When is the Last Day of Squirrel Season?when-is-the-last-day-of-squirrel-season

Squirrel season is 30 days longer this year than it was last year. That means squirrels will be searching for food much earlier than they would have in the fall. The best places to find squirrels now are in wooded areas with hickory or beech trees. If you are lucky enough to have access to hard mast, you will still have time to catch some of these cute rodents.

Groundhog hunting is permitted during the spring squirrel season

In Virginia, gray and red squirrels may be harvested. This season is allowed statewide. Specific WMAs include the Fairystone WMA, the Philpott Reservoir, Hidden Valley, Highland, Hog Island WMA, Little North Mountain, Mattaponi Bluffs, and Merrimac Farm. Hunting of groundhogs is also permitted on Department lands during spring squirrel season.

Archery equipment is legal

In the United States, archery equipment is defined as any device with a solid, stationary handle and two limbs that propel an arrow with a string. Crossbows and compound bows are legal for all species with open hunting seasons. Archery equipment requires a minimum pull of 35 pounds for a compound bow, and arrows and bolts must be a minimum width of seven-eighths of an inch in the open position.

Primitive weapons may be used on private land. A single or double-barreled muzzleloading rifle, or a shotgun with a main beam of at least 13 inches, is legal. During the Primitive Weapons season, a mechanical arrowhead with firearm ammunition is not permitted. Rifled barrel shotguns are legal only if they are fired with a flintlock or percussion cap.

Rifles and handguns are prohibited in zones 1-9

While rifles and handguns are legal for hunting deer and other game mammals, you are not allowed to use them during squirrel season. The seasons are preliminarily approved at a January meeting, and bag limits are finalized in April. You may use a bow and arrow to hunt squirrels, but no other weapon is allowed on private property. You must ask the landowner’s permission to hunt.

In zones 1-9, you can only harvest gray squirrels and red squirrels with shotguns or archery equipment. Rifles and handguns are prohibited during squirrel season on stocked WMAs. You can only use shotguns and archery equipment for hunting in stocked areas, as stated in 321 CMR 3.01(1)(o). Trapping is also prohibited. Rifles and handguns are not allowed during squirrel season.

Squirrel dogs speed up the hunting

While not essential to success in the woods, squirrel dogs do make the process go much faster. The first step in catching a squirrel is to track down the animal. Squirrels like to play hide and seek with hunters, sneaking around the base of a tree to watch for them. They’ll also bark at other squirrels nearby. Once a hunter spots the animal, the dog will circle the tree and bring it into view.

There are several different types of squirrel dogs. You can choose from an American Leopard Hound, a large, athletic dog that is highly tolerant of weather and climate change, and a Treeing Tennessee Brindle, a short-coated dog that is dependable and feisty. Training your new squirrel dog should begin when the animal is young, at three to six months old, as early training will help him understand basic hunting commands.

What is the last day of squirrel season?

The last day of squirrel season is February 28th.

How many squirrels can I kill in a day?

The limit is 10 squirrels per day.

Do I need a license to hunt squirrels?

Yes you need a hunting license to hunt any animal in Pennsylvania.

How many squirrels can I have in my possession at one time?

You can have a maximum of 20 squirrels in your possession at one time.

Can I use a rifle to hunt squirrels?

Yes you can use a rifle shotgun or air rifle to hunt squirrels.

Can I shoot a squirrel if it is in a tree?

Yes as long as you are not shooting across a road or within 150 yards of an occupied building.

Can I use bait to hunt squirrels?

No it is illegal to use bait to hunt any animal in Pennsylvania.

Can I use a spotlight to hunt squirrels at night?

No it is illegal to use a spotlight to hunt any animal in Pennsylvania.

Do I need to wear orange when I hunt squirrels?

No there is no orange requirement when hunting squirrels.

What is the penalty for exceeding the limit of 10 squirrels per day?

The penalty for exceeding the limit of 10 squirrels per day is a fine of up to $200 and revocation of your hunting license for up to 2 years.

Can I sell the squirrels I kill?

Yes you can sell the squirrels you kill as long as you have a valid game dealer’s license.

What do I need to do with the squirrels I kill?

You need to dispatch the squirrels humanely and then either eat them or properly prepare them for transport to a game dealer.

What if I accidentally kill a squirrel out of season?

You need to report the accident to the nearest game warden within 24 hours.

Can I shoot a squirrel if it is raiding my bird feeder?

No you cannot shoot a squirrel if it is raiding your bird feeder.

What if I find a dead squirrel?

You need to report the dead squirrel to the nearest game warden within 24 hours.

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