When To Hunt Squirrel

When To Hunt Squirrel when-to-hunt-squirrel-2

Depending on the time of year, hunting for squirrels may not always be the most convenient option. Luckily, there are plenty of methods that you can use to find these small rodents. Here are some tips:

Guide to squirrel hunting

If you enjoy hunting, squirrels are a great choice for hunting. The small size and unpredictable behavior of squirrels make them an excellent target for beginner and experienced hunters alike. Not to mention, they don’t require much preparation time. Whether you’re a newcomer to squirrel hunting or an experienced hunter, there are some tips you should keep in mind before going out on your first hunt. Below, you’ll find an introduction to squirrel hunting, including tactics for success.

The first thing to consider when hunting squirrels is location. While some states have regulations that limit the amount of squirrels you can hunt, other states may allow you to harvest between four and six squirrels per species. Once you’ve gotten a permit to hunt squirrels, you can choose to hunt in different locations, depending on the type of license you’ve obtained. It’s a good idea to check regulations first, since hunting in an unregulated area can lead to missed opportunities.

Subspecies of squirrels

There are many subspecies of squirrels. The gray squirrel, for example, is grayish brown and has a white underbelly. Cajun and Creole hunters use the term “l’ecureuil” without the “gris” to refer to all squirrels. Another subspecies to hunt is the delta fox squirrel. This medium-sized species has a reddish tail and inhabits the delta regions. Hunters have a high probability of taking one of these. It is possible to find both black and reddish fox squirrels in this area.

A gray squirrel weighs one to one and a half pounds. They measure about eighteen to twenty inches long. Their fur is generally gray or white, although some are melanistic. These rodents also have large, fluffy tails that help them stay warm during the winter. There are many different subspecies of gray squirrels. If you hunt them, be aware of the dangers! You may be surprised by the size of your kill!


You should be careful when using shotguns when hunting squirrels, but there are some tips to keep in mind. First, you should know where to look for them. Usually, they’ll be in close range of your location. But you should avoid shooting at a squirrel that’s sitting on its haunches or sideways to you. Then, make sure you aim directly in front of it. Secondly, you should clean your firearm thoroughly before using it, especially the muzzle and chamber.

One of the best things about shotguns is their simplicity. Because the shot cloud is large, there’s no need to aim accurately. And you don’t have to wait for the squirrel to stay still. The downside, however, is that you’ll have to pick out the shot that’s going to make your dinner. But you won’t be spending all your time cleaning up the meat. Besides, you’ll end up with a lot of wasted meat.

Air rifles

When to hunt squirrel with air rifles depends on the distance you need to hit them. The effective range of an airgun varies depending on the speed of the gun and the sight height. For most nutters, a range of 18-21 yards will give you the longest effective range. Shooting dead on in the range of 15-45 yards will drop the animal within an inch, but beyond that, you’ll have to compensate for the difference.

If you are planning on using an air rifle to hunt squirrel, make sure that it can deliver a minimum of 10 foot-pounds of energy. This is because bush squirrels are masters of evasion and live in the woods, where water and cool temperatures are ideal habitats. It will be easy to see them if you approach them slowly under an oak tree, but they will be able to hide from you until you notice them.


While any time of the year is a good time to hunt squirrel, the best season is autumn. This is the season when the squirrel population is plentiful and bag limits are liberal. If you plan to go out during this time, you should plan on going during the early morning hours. If you are going to be hunting alone, take an air rifle or rimfire rifle, as these firearms are quieter. You should also sit or stand near a tree trunk and keep your body silhouette hidden from the squirrel’s view. Make sure to keep an eye on the forest canopy and key in on any visible nests. You should also listen for any rustling or barking. If you hear a squirrel, you may be able to take a quick shot.

Light rain is also ideal for squirrel hunting, as it increases their activity and makes them more visible. In addition to jumping from branch to branch, squirrels make an audible shake when they move. Additionally, wet leaves are less crunchy underfoot than on a dry day, so the squirrels are easier to spot. Beware of dense fog or ice on tree limbs. Wait until the fog has dissipated and the ice has melted.

What is the best time to hunt squirrel?

The best time to hunt squirrel is in the early morning or late evening.

Where do squirrels like to hide?

Squirrels like to hide in trees and bushes.

What do squirrels eat?

Squirrels eat nuts fruits and seeds.

What is the average lifespan of a squirrel?

The average lifespan of a squirrel is around 6 years.

How many babies do squirrels have at a time?

Squirrels usually have 2-5 babies at a time.

What is the gestation period for a squirrel?

The gestation period for a squirrel is around 38 days.

What is the average weight of a squirrel?

The average weight of a squirrel is around 1-2 pounds.

What is the average height of a squirrel?

The average height of a squirrel is around 10-12 inches.

What is the average length of a squirrel?

The average length of a squirrel is around 15-17 inches.

What is the average speed of a squirrel?

The average speed of a squirrel is around 20mph.

How far can a squirrel jump?

A squirrel can jump up to 10 feet.

What is the average number of litter a female squirrel will have in her lifetime?

A female squirrel will have around 2-5 litters in her lifetime.

At what age do squirrels reach sexual maturity?

Squirrels reach sexual maturity at around 8-10 months old.

What is the ideal temperature for squirrels?

The ideal temperature for squirrels is around 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Do squirrels hibernate?

No squirrels do not hibernate.

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