When You Move A Squirrel From One Neighborhood To Another

What Happens When You Move a Squirrel From One Neighborhood to Another? When You Move A Squirrel From One Neighborhood To Another

The first thing that comes to mind when you move a squirrel from one neighborhood into another is whether it is legal. In some cases, it is. However, the law in Ontario prohibits moving a squirrel. While this can be inhumane, it is better than allowing it to suffer a certain death. Here are some ways to safely remove the squirrel from your yard:

Moving a squirrel is illegal in Ontario

Relocating squirrels is against the law in Ontario. Relocating a squirrel places the animal in a precarious position as it must find new food and shelter. It also puts it in danger of triggering territorial disputes with other animals. Depending on the circumstances, it is also illegal to relocate wild animals in Ontario. It is only legal to relocate wild squirrels if the animal is causing damage to a person’s property.

The most common conflicts with squirrels occur in the spring and late summer, when mother squirrels are in search of food and shelter. The squirrel’s babies are often left behind. The babies are not only deprived of their mother but will likely die without her. Hundreds of calls are made to the Toronto Wildlife Centre every year concerning baby squirrels. Unfortunately, the wildlife centre can’t help every baby squirrel that is abandoned.

It’s inhumane

While some people may think they are doing a good deed by trapping and relocating a squirrel from one neighborhood to another, this is a very inhumane practice. Even if the trapping technique may be considered “humane,” it still causes more suffering to the squirrel than other methods. This is unacceptable and could even be considered animal cruelty. Read on to learn about the ethical and moral dilemma of squirrel-trapping and other practices.

If you do decide to trap a squirrel and move it to another neighborhood, you need to take into consideration the welfare of the babies. Mother squirrels tend to be very protective of their babies, so they may even wait until they are old enough to leave the nest. Even then, they might have an older litter, which may not survive in a new environment. If you do trap a squirrel, remember that the baby squirrels might die, so you’ll need to move them to another area so the mother squirrel can raise her babies.

It’s a humane way to get rid of a squirrel

Squirrels are not aggressive by nature, but they may bite you if you get too close. It is important to not feed them food, since these creatures can spread various illnesses if they become infected. Besides, they have a natural instinct to flee as soon as possible. That’s why they won’t build a nest in an area where humans and their pets are active.

The easiest and most humane way to relocate a squirrel is to open the door of your fireplace. The squirrel will be able to enter. You should follow all directions on the package to prevent further damage. However, it may bite you or scratch you if you try to release it. If you’re not sure how to relocate a squirrel, contact a wildlife rehabilitator to help you relocate the animal.

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